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Divamom's online training log/ updated w/ pics

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That was my last post here...ever. One twit can ruin a whole group. Blown away by the narrow mindedness....yek. And it suddenly makes my own log violated. Pathetic peeps w/narrow minds. I just dont like this place anymore if my own thread of safety isnt safe.

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Hope you can put that behind you and get back on here, I enjoy reading through your log as do the 99.9% of people that click on it.


I had a couple of posts in my journal that I had to report last month, you just have to not let them bother you. That's probably what they want to happen when they write the post!

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Injury Free..finally. Some pain, but minor and nothing like the debilitating pain I was in for 3 plus months. Been doing cardio all week....and some weights. Just futzing. My bones are sore, believe it or not- must be the stretch at the origin and insertions from so much time off longest ever in years from any cardio ( weights I have been known to skip a year here or there when I was marathoning). I am 51 today. Someone told me yesterday I could pass for 35 - 40 body wize...made my day. the face is assuredly 50 (laugh lines and time). So Sun thru Wed has been :

Sun- 30 mins

Mon- 45 mins cardio and chest and tri

Tu- 45 cardio and lower body- 20 minutes - moderate but like a medium level workout- NO STANDING with weights stuff like squats or lunges hard core, yet---some, but really modified for squats and lunges were standing with my knee back so I could control the amount of step into..

Wed- just 50 cardio

Today...something and will post later. Follow up.


Rule: if you don't like what I say---don't put anything...this is a place for all on their own threads to foster strength and encouragement...so, if you are ignorant- leave my post and go somewhere else--if I knew you in RL...you would have been in tears if I had lit into you. ( I think it was Blueduxx and her stupid, vapid post and totally useless yet negative comment to a post months ago...i am sorry you are a stupid vapid ninny, but please stay off my threads altogether and all will be happy)


To anyone reading...Go Capture the day!

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have lost my umpf to post daily...


I was in gym 5 out of 7 days last week and lifted all major body parts. Still squared to squat and do hard core lunging...but cardio is BACK!


I was asked ast night if I were going to compete again...ego boost...at 51..I DON'T THINK so...no need for the ass to be hanging out..but nice to hear.


Still up a few pounds and percentages, but all my clothes fit and I think I will just quietly fade away on the forum. Its been fun..and the days I am home working is nice..but, ehhhh

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been back post injury for 51/2 weeks- heavy cardio and much less weights. the glute tear still acts up.


diet is ehhh....85% clean, 15% crap food..maybe 90/10?


size 0's too tight still (they fit but VPL's - visible panty lines.) and my other clothes look great. 2's and a handful of 4's....but abs and legs jiggle. yech.


still there, though and approaching it as comeback, so my competitive spirit is ehhh, and I also have some family issues that continue to affect me at times, and I pick family time over gym for now--or whats left of a family. The gym is my anchor some nights for lack of ...( I have two wayward boys that are assholes- 22 and 20...and a poisoned 16 year old which is why family comes first with HER)


my goal is my competition body without the competition. I am more than 5 but less than 8 lbs from- its the body fat, I tell ya!


Got stopped by a hottie teh other night in a parking lot...he saw me from behind and drove up and said, "Nice biceps"...but when he saw I was "older"...drove off. LOL. Made my night. Cougar mom...lol.

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