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Tips on working out with a fresh tattoo??

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I have been putting off a very important tattoo for so long because I am afraid of not being able to keep it clean and dry enough at the gym. My brother-in-law got MRSA from the gym

and since then i have been a bit of a freak about germs. Anyone have any tips on how to keep fresh ink clean and dry without sacrificing gym time??

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Honestly they are not that delicate. Just stay out of pools or hot tubs where there is chlorine for the first month after you get it. Keeping it dry and clean is not something to stress about. If you want to be particularly cautious you can wash it, with water only, no soap for the first week or two after you get it if you sweat a lot. But soap if you get plain liquid soap with no dyes or scents in it is perfectly safe as well. Honestly the biggest concerns are don't mess with it much for the first couple of days. Get yourself some aqua-fore. A lot of tat studios don't mention this but its way better than lotion. I went to one of the best studios in the US to get my arm done and they recommended I used it. My arm ink is still super dark and clean 2 years later. The other HUGE concern is the sun. Sunlight is the biggest tattoo enemy. SO keep it out of the sun completely the first 3 weeks. After that use sunscreen regularly. I don't know about vegan brands that much but I'm sure some people on here know about them. Just get oxybenozine free, supposedly that stuff causes as much cancer as too much sun does.

Happy inking! What are you getting and where are you going to get it done? If you would like recommendations I may be able to help, depends where you live (I know of great places in San Fran, LA, Portland OR, Seattle, NYC, and a few cities in Europe too).




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Correction you can wash it with dye and scent free soap after a day, you dont have to wait a week. I was just saying if you are at the gym during your workout before you actually shower and wash it with soap you can rinse it with just water if you sweat a lot. Over all stay out of sun and chlorine and use the aqua-fore after the first 4 days or so for a little bit until its done peeling maybe. Its not rocket science, staying out of the sun, especially in the beginning and keeping it under sunscreen forever after it heals is the best way to keep it nice for a long time.

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