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Please suggest me seitan/tofu/tempeh alternative


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Hi guys,


the new nutrition program provided me from my vegan dietitian il full of seitan/tofu/tempeh servings (usually 60/90 gr. at lunch)..

What can I eat as an alternative (that has almost the same nutrition facts) and maybe "more raw"?


Thank you


The best vegan protein sources are soy, soy foods, gluten (example, seitan ) and legumes. If you don't eat those you will be getting far less protein and you will not get enough lysine. Outisde of legumes your best (possibly not adequate for your needs ) sources of lysine are quinoa and pistachios:




I don't know how practical using sprouted legumes for protein is. I never tried that.


If it isn't you are SOL if your food has to be raw. If you are very athletic you will need to use protein powders........highly processed foods like oil and sugar........to get protein, which sort of defeats the point of being raw.......to eat less processed food and get benefits destroyed by processing.

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