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Yesterdays Maxing Out


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Tested out my one rep maxes last night and thought I'd post about them here:


Been feeling pretty good for most of the day - not eating masses, but thats mostly because I was nervous. Mostly smoothies, some nuts, breakfast - just under 3000 cal before lifting at 5.30pm.


Did the whole session like a powerlifting meet, though seeing as I was training on my own mostly (Brian was there, though only doing light benching, the disco king!) it went rather more quickly!








1x145 (319lbs) - really fast and easy rep. Form wasnt perfect, but pretty good

fx155 - lost tension at the bottom, just set it down on the pins.

fx150 - would have made it had I not tried 155. Could have got it out the hole and up, though not without compromising form, so i didnt!


Squatting summary - very happy to make 145kg, which was my original target, and made it so easily too. I think my true max is about 150, though I havent done much heavy stuff (mostly repping) in months, which is why I think I didnt make 150. The next routine will work alot with heavier reps so I expect to make 155-160 at the end of that.








2x110 - already starting to feel heavy (and more so than it should).

1x122.5 - bollocks that was heavy

fx135 (297lbs) - totally flattened.


Bench summary - well not much good that I can say about my bench at the moment. Its crap. I think the problems with it started at Christmas when I started dipping. I cant be sure though. It may be strongman (increases strength in squat and dead, though doesnt help bench) too. Either way, my benching needs serious work, as gaining 9kg in bodyweight and nothing on the bench isnt right.









1x180 - new pb for semi sumo. Slow off the floor, but super easy once it started moving.

1x195 (429lbs) - very hard, pretty much all the way through the lift. According to Kathryn and Brian the form was very good though!


Deadlift summary - happy to make my goal of 195kg on the deadlift. It was a hard rep, but its the heaviest that I have deadlifted in at least 5months (I have been exclusively working on form for that time) by nearly 30kg, so I think with specific work on singles, it should shoot up. I expect to make 210-215 by the end of the next routine.



Had the romantic notion to get a push press 1rm, but stopped at 90kg cos it was silly and I was knackered!



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Wow, that's large johnathan!!!


As for your bench being crap, well I guess it's all perception. I wish I could bench what you're benching. Actually I'm struggling in that area as well. I'm tricep pressing almost as much as I'm benching??


Anyway, nicely done.

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Great work Jonathan, those are some good weights.


You are about to break 300 in the bench!


I haven't done 1 rep max lifts, but I'm pretty motivated to try them sometime. Best of luck in your next maxing session.


I know what you mean about that nervous feeling when it comes to testing strength. I get that feeling when I'm doing heavy leg presses or when I'm doing chest press with 100 lb dumbbells.


Thanks for sharing your training session with us and all the best and surpassing those marks next time!



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