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a month long break from cycling..

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"If you need a week off from the gym take it. Every 8-10 weeks I take a complete week off and usually I don't do cardio. If I did a growth scheme workout last then I'll probably do light cardio the week I take off. But taking a complete week off is necessary if you train hard. It is a mental and physical break that everyone needs."



well, I am on about a MONTH of an "off day/week" because of the bicycle accident, I don't want to lose muscle mass, but at the same time I dont want to gain unnecessary fat.


hm hm.


I'm going to be trying to do a "low carb" thing, but its interesting. the lower carb the lower calories and I dont want to go TOO low.


people who have taken weeks off due to injuries, what did you do different?



finding a balance is always a challenge, here is an awesome website i found:


"It's also important to note that during injury your body needs energy from food to heal. In fact, your calorie needs and resting metabolic rate increases during injury because your body knows it must turn its attention to helping you heal."




also, what are some awesome protein sources WITHOUT added carbs or fat?

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What are your restrictions, can you not do ANY exercise for a month?

hi carrie :]

as of right now, pretty much nothing.



I will do core/arms as soon as my rib heals, it hurts to lift/press anything

legs will be awhile.


:/ I can hobble, that's about it. MAYBE I can lift with my right arm but I'd rather wait and do both at the same time.

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Sheesh. Personally I can't stand low carb diets, but if you are looking to add protein without carbs I would look into eating more seitan and tofu (although this does have fat, which you also said you want to avoid).


When my foot was healing I really relied a lot on things like vegetable soups. They're full of healthy veggies and they are comforting and filling.


Heal up quickly!

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