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Who's not watching the superbowl?

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how many animals diet in preparation for this "game"?


Well, none of my neighbor's pets dieted for it and I know I didn't diet for it, so...just kidding. I celebrated the Super Bowl by driving across town to a friend's farm to pick up some free organic compost in which to start my tomato seeds. And I petted her horse and geese. And I sustained an "injury on the field" when a bramble thorn deeply lacerated the pad of my pinkie finger and I bled all over everything. I may need some rehab with a handsome kinesiologist who knows CPR and massage.


Baby Herc

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I was referring more the comments about how the Super Bowl led to animal deaths. I don't know if the Super Bowl leads to more animals deaths than any other sporting event (e.g., baseball games, hockey games, etc.). And if that's the case are we saying that vegans shouldn't watch any organized sports? Seems kind of extreme to me.

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Completely ignoring the fact people gorge themselves on animals during the Superbowl. I am against these big box games. Paying someone millions of dollars to play a sport is absurd. Coupled with the ridiculous amounts spent on stadiums, venues etc. You have a gigantic flagrant waste of resources.


Meanwhile, people and animals are starving and dying daily.


Yeah, no thanks. I don't even own a TV anymore.

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