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Impressive Abdominal progress buddy. I get the slowest results from my abs but then I don't really target them too much either. Do you target your abs or is it just an indirect result of other workouts?



Well done though bud and keep up the good work. Happy New Year too

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@Lostchris Thanks for the kind words and happy new year to you as well! I do ab workouts a couple of times a week but have been doing them less than I have in the past. I have noticed that in order to lean out I really have to watch my diet and eat as 'clean' as possible .Trying to get as lean as I was in 2008 but with more muscle. Here is a pic of me from about 4 years ago at my leanest. I was only doing cardio and ab workouts 5-6 days a week and eating a high carb diet with a moderate amount of protein.


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