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Jamesxvx Powerlifting Journal

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April 25

Deadlifts and Squats



135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x3, 405x2, 455x1, 500x1 PB

Legs were shaky but I'm happy I pulled that one out. It took a lot out of me so I was hesitant to squat after.



barx10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x3, 300x3, 315x3.

Today called for 315x5x5, there was no way that was happening. The deadlifts took so much away from my legs that I wasn't strong, and I was tired.

Threw on some chains (100 lbs)




So essentially at the top of the lift I was about 375, felt good to drive up against the weight and get my lockout a bit stronger.


Decline sit ups with 25 pounds

x30, x20


Foam roller and stretching.

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I'm stopping my smolov cycle short a week. Its taken all the fun out of squatting, and it's been dragging me down. Working about 11 hours a day outside doing labor kills me, and doing high volume heavy squats, I can't keep handling it. So I'll be heading back to the cube method this week. One of my favourite methods, super fun, a lot of variety.


I've also found that a lot of my other muscle groups have lost their strength since I've been doing solely heavy lifts on main movements and less assistant work. I did some heavy log press yesterday and worked up to 135x6. That's nothing too impressive for me, but It let me know that sometimes sticking to a routine that doesn't make you happy isn't worth it.


I am still hesitant on my training though. I have a pain in my left shoulder, more muscle soreness than anything. But I think that's from work, and not working my shoulders in a long time. As for my meet, hopefully my work lets up a bit, I can't put my whole effort into training right now when I barely have enough to get through a work day.


I am however losing weight, I'm sitting at around 180 and decreasing steadily. So that's nice.

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Hi James, how are you man?

i can imagine that doing labour and training heavy isn't Always easy, but you know that you can change yur workout regimen anytime and like you say be more happy than before being stuck in something you don't like is a waste of time! enjoy your work and new training man!

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That's one of the reasons I'm reluctant to try some of the other programs, because I don't want to emphasize any lifts in particular. Although I won't be competing at all so my goals are a little different.


Get some good stretching and mobility work on that shoulder! I would be pissed if something kept me from pressing - it's my favorite lift.


You made some crazy gains on Smolov, though, so it definitely worked for you!

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Thanks guys. I'm back ona routine that I'm happy with, the cube method. My shoulder is a lot better, I took a few days off and it felt good as new. I enjoyed smolov, and would run it again next year, but I think I'm out of love for it for now haha.


I did some heavy bench (FP 205x2) and some deadlifts for reps. Worked up to about a 405 for three sets of doubles off a 4" block. Definitely enjoy the variety the cube brings to the table. I really need to test my max for bench, I haven't done that in a while and I think its 10-15 lbs stronger than my 235.

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Good to hear it. Seems like you have similar strength ratios to me - in that your press & deadlift are great, squat is good, and bench is a little lower when compared to the rest. I really wish my chest strength would catch up a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers you hit at your meet. Get someone to video it!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys. Thanks for checking in. I've been super busy with work, almost 65 hours a week of physical labor. So I haven't had much time to post.


I've lost 12 pounds, with I'm guessing a solid portion of that being muscle. My lifts have all stalled or dropped in the last month, and my depression has come back into play because of those drops. I go into the gym thinking it will come back to me quickly, but right away I come to the realization that the weight is too much for me to handle. Today I failed on a triple bench that a month ago I could hit for 10. Just embarassing.


I dropped out of the competition. I knew that this wasn't good timing to be trying to hit any heavy maxes. Trying to find a new car, keeping a relationship strong, full time work and registering for a new school has just slowed me down so much. I'm not happy where I stand right now, but I'm looking at it as a rebuilding process.


I'm going to eat cleaner and up my calories so I'm not always at a deficit because of work. Train harder and bite the bullet that I have to drop the weight to get my strength back. Once I'm happy (More content) with where I'm sitting with my lifts I'll be looking into a few PL coaches in the area to tweak some things and give me some guidance.


I'm shooting for a competition at the end of August now, and that's my goal. I luckily met a National master class PLer today at the gym who gave me some tips, some people to call and reset my bench form which felt more sturdy.


Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more now, but if not I'll be posting as much as I can anyways.

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Glad you're all right. Life is what it is, you take it and make the best of it. That's the truest measure of strength. I believe when you are able to get back into a stable routine you'll be able to get back on the horse without trouble and get back into getting strong. Getting a PL coach is a good call. I've considered it for no other reason than to have someone yell at me for my shitty form and try to get better technique so I don't wreck myself.


Remember, being strong is a lifestyle - you will focus on other things every now and then, but once you've adopted strength into your life it will always be there reminding you of how good it feels to pick heavy shit up off the floor.

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Remember, being strong is a lifestyle - you will focus on other things every now and then, but once you've adopted strength into your life it will always be there reminding you of how good it feels to pick heavy shit up off the floor.


Best quote on this forum.

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New routine I started this week has me doing heavy singles, switching back squats for fronts and supersets. Its kicking my ass, but I'm getting back into the swing of things.

450 DL pull today. felt quick and tight.

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June 7, 2013

Shoulders Workout


Dynamic stretching warm ups (rotator cuffs)


Arnold Press



Log Press



Shoulder Press and Lat raises


50x10, 60x2 +10sx10

60x12 +10x10


MTS high row + front Raises +Rear delt raises

50 +10sx10 + 10sx10

60 +10sx10 + 10sx10

80 +10sx10 + 10sx10

80 +10sx10 + 10sx10


Vega pre-workout and post - workout 2 scoops vegan proteins plus with almond milk.

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I missed putting up my DL workout from last night so here's two workouts in one post.


Back, June 10, 2013


135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 275x8, 315x6, 365x5, 405x1, 445x1, 455, missed the lockout. Had this one in the bag but I loosened up my lats when I felt it slow down.


BB Rows SS with WG Pull ups.

barx12 x BWx10

135x10 x BWx 6

185x10 x BWx5

155x10 x BWx4 2 Minutes rest between each.


Lat Pulldowns SS w DB shrugs

85x10 x 70x10

105x10 x 70sx10

120x10 x 70sx10


Foam roller and stretches.



June 11, 2013

2x15 Pushups

2x15 Close grip pushups


Bench Press

barx12, 95x10, 135x10, 165x6, 185x5, 205x1, 225x1, 245x1 PB

Haven't hit anything over 225 in a solid two months. Switching my form up a bit to incorporate a more dramatic arch and a slower decline helped a lot.


Incline DB Bench SS with Incline DB Flyes

35sx10 x 20sx10

45sx10 x 20sx10

50sx10 x 25sx10

50sx10 x 25sx10


Dips SS with Decline Pushups

BWx10 x BW x10

Bwx10 x Bw x 10

BW x 9 x Bw x 8

Bwx10 x BW x 9


Foam roller and stretches. I'm also sitting at 180 lbs. Very happy about that.

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Shoulders, June 12, 2013.

Arnold Press

30sx10, 40sx10, 45sx10x3


barx12, 95x10, 105x10, 95x10

MTS row with front raises

120x10, 15sx10

160x10, 15sx10

180x10, 15sx10


Shoulder Press with Lateral raises and rear delt

60x10, 15sx10, 55x10

70x10, 15sx10, 85x10

80x10, 10sx10 (Some dude hopped on my machine... Ain't got time for that)


Dynamic stretches

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Arms, June 14th, 2013

Felt nauseus and light headed this whole workout. Went through it anyways haha.





Alternating curls with hammer curls with reverse curls







30lb chain 2x10


Pull ups 3x10


Tri pushdowns with rope extensions

50lbs x10x10x3 sets

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been keeping up with the same 5 day per week routine and I've been building some solid strength from the program. Lean mass is also coming through. I'm still sitting at 180, and will be competing at the end of August in the 181 category.


Pulled a 475 deadlift yesterday with probably a 485 still in the tank.

Working up to a 315 with 60 lbs of chains this week or the next cycle. I'm really trying to push myself.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still working away. I'm getting over 50 hours a week at work but I'm making time for the gym after, even if its just enough for a main movement workout.


I've noticed some strength gains, my weight is still 180 and no big changes in physique. I have notice a bit more size though, largely in my shoulders.


I hit 315 for a solid double tonight squatting. LAst week it was for a triple. Considering I get 5 hours of sleep if that, I can't complain.

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