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Hey Rob,


Finally got round to joining the forum at last


Some of you may know me from VeganFitnessNet, but for those that don't, I have been vegan for six and a half years, running for eleven years and weight training for eight years. I usually run five times a week and go the gym twice a week.


I eat oats/porridge, pasta, rice, noodles, TVP/soya mince, dried fruit, loadsa fruit and veg, seeds, nuts et.


I take vitamins and minerals.


I supplemement with L-Glutamine, and occasionally soy protein, but this seems to bloat me, so I'm thinking of giving it up once and for all. I have tried creatine in the past, but find it cramps my legs and hurts my lower back when I am running.


I'm off to Manchester for the Vegan Fitness Week. Hopefully, I'll get some pics I will be able to post up on here.



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Hi Kollision,


Thanks for the welcome.


I'm not going the Heart of England Festival in Birmingham this Saturday, which Topher is attending. I wanted to attend, but I've just got back from holiday and I need a rest this weekend.


I'll be going the Vegan Fitness Week in Manchester from Wednesday 22nd-Sunday 26th. I'm loking forward to meeting Topher and training with him.

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Hey Matt,


Great to finally see you over here on our forum! I just woke up pretty late, so I'm resting as well. Long days around here.


Say hi to Topher for me when you meet up with him. You guys can both train in your Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirts


Have an awesome time at the Vegan Fitness Week over there. Tell them I say hello.


Take care buddy

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Thanks for the welcome seasiren, boobycore, Rob and compassionategirl


Yeah, I'll be wearing my T-shirt next week Rob. I won't be training in it though, I can only train in vests . Hopefully you'll be getting some more of those vests made up pretty soon


Really looking forward to the week, been trying to get in top shape for it


Natalie - thanks for the feedback on my abs . The result of many a mile run and many a stomach exercise

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