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Aaron the "Vicious Vegan" Training Journal

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Hey everyone. Im Aaron the "Vicious Vegan".I am 5'2 and as of today I am 120lbs.(I was 100lbs last December) 24 years old I have been vegan for over 3 years and been bodybuilding for 4 weeks and 3 days.I got the Idea from the Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DvD(good inspiration for a dude like me surrounded by omnivores). I go workout no less than 5 times a week. Today I focused on my abs and legs. I want my arms to be fully healed for tomorrow, Chest day! I will be back everyday to post my diet and workout routine and results progress and gains. I am already seeing great results. See yall tomorrow for a full in depth update.

My twitter is @ViciousVegan17, and my tumblr is called StrangeBodybuilding. Much luv yall!!! Vegan Power!!!

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Totally! I'm gonna post some pics on here after my workout today.Thanks 4 the support Ninja! I wrote down my sets as well, I just gotta type em up when I get back. I'm drinking Vega pre-workout as I type lol. Stuff is wicked. I generally use it every couple of days. I ALWAYS drink a Vega Sport protein powder after my workout. Been getting great results.Even got my Omnivore roommate looking to buy it next instead of his Whey powder shenanigans. But today should go well due to extra motivation. Yesterday I totally had The 2 Omnivores trying to tell me about bodybuilding and how factory farming abuse happens rarely(plus taunting me with their sunny side up nasty egg breakfast). It kinda got under my skin. So its time to take negative vibes and turn them into positive energy. The best way to prove that the vegan lifestyle is the only option for true balance of the Earth, Mind, Body, and Soul is to show them. Off to the Gym!! Vegan Power Yall!!!!

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Whey powder shenaningans, LOL!!!


My boss had the same lame argument with me yesterday about how "factory farm abuse never happens because it doesn't make sense from a business perspective" and that all of the undercover videos were faked by Greenpeace. Sigh. Keep on keeping on---lots of like-minded folks on here. Vegan power!



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Yup yup!! It seems as if people want to ignore the truth, those videos are gnarly. But as far as my training, I went halfway yesterday. A full workout but not nearly as intense as usual due to being right after work and I felt grimy so I flew through my workout and finished the rest at my house.(I will post the sets sometime later today.) But today I attacked my chest and arms. I did multiple bench press sets. As well as dumbbell fly's and hammers. I worked out for a few minutes under and hour including warm-up. I finished with a Vega Sport Protein shake. I am making my usual tempeh in a sandwich. With all organic ingredients. I have cut up some kale, white onion, green onion, cilantro, tomato, and garlic.(all organic ingredients). On Hemp bread. I am going to use organic stir fry oil(a mix of soy, Peanut and Toasted Sesame, green onion garlic and ginger)3 servings=42 grams of fat,360 calories.I am going to eat the whole thing of tempeh which is 48 grams of protein, 23 carbs and 348 calories. The Hemp bread is together (two slices) 220 calories, 14 grams of protein and 32grams of carbs.All coverd witn organic habanero/jalapeno hot sauce. I've been munching on some corn chips while doing this entry as well. But It cooking time!! Be back soon! And as always VEGAN POWER!!

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Today I attacked Abs and Legs with a little bit of triceps thrown in. I really wanted to focus on my abs today, I felt that they were lacking in comparison to my arms and chest. Same goes with my legs. I feel like I got a good workout today.\


I started stretches/warm-up at 9:17


I did leg lifts sets till failure

1st set-25

2nd set-16

3rd set-20

4th set-25


-Incline Bench sit ups till failure

1st set 24

2nd- set 30



-Switch alternate short crunches( on incline going side to side leading with elbows.)Till failure



triceps- behind the head till failure 25lb dumbbell

1st set- 8

2nd set-7

3rd set-10

4th set-10

5th set-10


Calf Raises till falure 100lbs

1st set-30

2nd set-30

3rd set-20


Side ab crunches till failure

1st set 40 Right Side

2nd set 40 Left Side

3rd set 40 Right Side

4th set 40 Left Side


I finished my workout at 10:11am


I had a Vega Sport protein shake after my workout. Then made some organic pasta and tempeh(is 48 grams of protein, 23 carbs and 348 calories. Plenty of carbs and protein. Pretty much the same as yesterday as far as vegetable ingredients.Sprouts, White onion, green onion, garlic, cilantro, and kale. I ate about half a bag of pasta curls and Fettuccini 420 calories,16 grams of protein, 48 grams of carbs. I ate a organic pear about an hour after as well. Im eating an pb and j right now as well to get my carbs higher to bulk up, 2 slices(12 grams of protein, 34grams of carbs) Organic peanut butter(18 grams of protein) I forget the carbs in my peanut butter. Ill make sure to make note of it the next time in the store. But ya Im out! Vegan Power Yall!!!

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Wassup yall! Yesterday was rest day and basically eat a lot day. I try to bulk up on recovery days. I was going to put my meal in depth like before but I would rather wait untill I buy a scale so I can be exact in my calculations. But I ate pinto beans, green lentils, and quinoa, with tomatos. white onion, green onion,cilantro and garlic all chopped up together. I kinda made a nacho cheeseless meal. I ate it with organic corn chips. It was beyond good and full of protein and carbs. I finished yesterdays and today's workout with a Vega protein shake as well. I worked on Tris Bis, and Legs. With a little abs thrown in and Im about to go to my friends house to make some more tempeh and hit the punching bag. I will be back later with my detailed account of my workout. Vegan Power Yo!!!

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