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Journal of renewed focus!


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My first journal kept getting lost by my app, & my second journal got too plump with non-journal material, rendering it useless as a training journal to keep track of my progress lol. So! As fun as that was, it is my goal/hope to keep chit chat to a minimum here =)


Current goal:

- be able to run fast when I need it (such as when trying to catch a bus, even if there are none in FL).

- be able to dance until last call on Industrial/EBM/Dark Wave/etc. nights =)

- be able to keep up with my husbands jogging.

- do more than just touch my toes.


Future Goals:

- have muscular arms, shoulders, and legs.

- have as juicy, as plump, and as irresistible a butt as I can have

- be quite able at yoga.

- be a decent belly dancer.

- be fit enough to make love in any position & for as long as needed.

- be fit before & during pregnancy.


To Be Done In The Near Future:

- take pictures of myself for before/during/after shots.

- replace my small working out pants with medium ones & use those instead of PJ ones.

- buy a working out jacket too, so I'm not always wearing the big ass sweaters I bought to be big enough for my husband to wear...

- finish reading Robert Cheekes Vegan Bodybuilding book.

- read Brandan Braziers Thrive books.

- research sneakers to make sure I have the best Vegan ones my money can afford for jogging.

- buy a blender to make fruit &/or veggy smoothies.


Recent Improvements I've Noticed Since I Started Working Out:

- I'm not out of breath after 5 mins.

- My ankles aren't swelling anymore.

- My knee doesn't hurt anymore from simply standing at work all day - only when I twist it a certain way will it, buy only for the duration of the "twist"! =D

- I'm no longer unable to speak nearing the end of my jog.

- I can now touch my toes.

- It takes me less time to jog around the block.

- I now enjoy jogging.

- My calves are friken sexier now lol. They're thick!

- I think I am not as tired throughout the day as I normally would be =)

- I wake up a tad easier, which is a big deal for me as it used to be painfully hard.


Other Observations:

- Vega products &/or working out has occasionally had a slight arousing effect - not that I needed it lol.

- Relying on Vega's Pre-Workout Energizer as my sole source of caffeine for the day has really helped my energy levels too, as I am addicted to caffeine and had been downing redbull, various energy shots, and mega doses of coffee twice a day. It was fine for the first 10 years, but recently it seems like my adrenal glands give up on me after my second dose, making me tired rather than energized. I hope to quit it altogether one day - definitely before I get pregnant.

- Participating in the New You for a New Year challenge has encouraged me to improve my diet as well.

- Because I quit energy drinks, and added more fiber to my diet, my back acne is basically gone, with the rare rogue pimple showing up, which doesn't bother me as its so infrequent now.

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Sonntag, Februar 12: off


Montag, Februar 13: jogged once around the block.


Dienstag, Februar 14: jogged once around the block.


Mittwoch, Februar 15: jogged once around the block & then once again with Emmie.


Donnerstag, Februar 16: jogged once around the block.


Freitag, Februar 17: wasn't sure if I should take the day off or not, but was really in the mood, so I did anyways. Just went around the block as usual, listening to deutsch lessons =)


Samstag, Februar 18: took the day off but not because I wanted to, just because one needs to take breaks every few days lol.

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Sonntag, Februar 19: forced off day lol


Montag, Februar 20: I am off on Montag's rather than Freitag's for the next few weeks. I don't ever want to take 2 days off in a row again as it was tough to keep away for that long & then today it was tough to get started & to keep going. I did it anyways, even if not perfectly. I ran around once, walked more than usual, then went around again with the dog. I wanted to make sure my body new it was going to be jogging again, that it ain't up to her! :P Thank goodness for Vega, it really helped me today <3


Dienstag, Februar 21: took the day off as I had to go to work & wouldn't have gotten enough sleep had I woken early enough to jog.


Mittwoch, Februar 22: odd. I woke up after 6 hours of sleep but I don't feel very tired. My baby boy Helios, a gorgeous and chatty black oriental mix, decided it was time to cuddle. How could I say no! I tried to go back to bed but the fatigue did not set it. So hellz yea, IT'S VEGA TIME! XD


Jogged around the block once then went with dog. Felt pretty good even if I walked the first time more than I wanted to. I might need to start cutting back on coconut oil lol, I've been eating a lot of it & might start gaining the wrong kind of weight lol X)


Donnerstag, Februar 23: I had such an awesome workout today! I ran around the block in less time than usual & was still totally willing to go again but didn't really have the time, so I went a short while before turning back. I <3 Vega, it totally makes it easier to push myself harder (even if not as hard as I would like, but gotta start somewhere!)


Freitag, Februar 24: its 4:52am, my alarm goes off in 3 hrs, I'm not yet tired, and I wouldn't have gotten enough sleep even if I didn't wake up for no reason lol. Clearly I was too excited about all the new Vegan products & info to share that I just got in the mail lol. =)


Samstag, Februar 25: wewt! It's 9:08, which can only mean one thing! It's Vega time! XD

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Ahhmg! I just got my mail and it so totally made my day, which had not been my best, so I was totally ecstatic! I cannot thank you guys/gals enough! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate! I absolutely love all the items I received & the personal messages are so touching! Thank you! Thank you! Than you! I heart you so much X)


I'm so excited to start all the new products! Sun Warrior and esp HealthForce Nutritionals are my new favorite Vegan companies, along side the awesome Vega! I can't wait to start wearing my new Sun Warrior t-shirt when I workout from now on! I'm totally going to use my new Vegan bodybuilding tote bags when I shop, making sure to flash that logo


The year of the dragon kicks as for this monkey X)

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Me, totally sportn' my new official working out shirt. Notice how I flex the body part I am not working out as I have only been jogging? Aww yea baby


I have no idea how this will turn out lol (looks fine on my tapatalk app)


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Thank you Adam =D


Sonntag, Februar 26:

Exercise - Jogged around the block for 10-15mins, non-stop.

It wasn't the best jog, but better than the last two. I tries getting more sleep but only got just enough & it wasn't great - hasn't been great in a few days actually. I am going to take tomorrow off so I can have a break. I have two days in a row off this week, starting on Dienstag, so ill totally be jogging =)


Montag, Februar 27: off


...turns out, continually editing one entry per week is what some how unsubscribes me from my own thread.. ergo, I shall now post a new entry each day & just keep track of how many days in a row I have been jogging, using a "so last century ago" method: aka, the paper calendar.

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Just found your journal and lol'd at your run to catch the bus comment because I sprinted a quarter mile to catch the bus this morning. Also you like dark wave and industrial. <3


Good read, keep it up.

Haha thank you. You like Industrie too!? 8D




Helloes =)

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Notes for the week of Feb 26 - Mar. 3:

- I lost 10lbs somewhere lol... No idea how that happened, and I really didn't need to lose any. I was about 120 when I started, had gained 5 lbs not long ago, and all of a sudden I'm back down to 115... Maybe I'm *not* eating enough coconut oil after all haha

- L-Theanine.. wow! You may be my new favorite supplement next to 5-HTP for helping with stress. I heart you.


Edit: turns out my scale is kinda broke. I have to stand on it funny just to get my full weight! I am still approx 125lbs.

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Haha your "future goals" are super good and super funny in detail. Thanks for sharing, real talk.




Haha thank you, thank you, my pleasure X)


I love industrial and darkwave.


Lol that was cute & adorable. I have been looking for this genre of music from yellow people but to no avail, so thank you so much! I now have a lead =)

I tend to prefer the darker stuff, like Unter Null:

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I broke down and downloaded the free calorie counting app with a bajillion permissions. All I do is scan my Vega, green powder, lemon juice, etc. bar codes and there are the calories and some nutritional values. I really wanted to get the cron-o-meter app but the reviews for it weren't good and I would have to pay. I don't want to pay for a shitty app. It's really too bad as it hardly had any permissions. I'll email them that, so hopefully they fix it.

On the bright side, I can now post calories & the breakdown.

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Exercise - burned 250 cals - Jogged/danced/jumped/walked for over 45minutes!!

Calories total = 2173 (99g of fat/263g of carbs/88g of pro)

1st consumption - 76 cals: drank 1.5 liters of water upon waking, with a couple tbsp of lemon juice, plus my pre-workout Vega.

2nd - 200 cals: During jog, I drank a disappointing cup of orange juice w/Vega electrolytes. Disappointing because I hate orange juice, and to make matters worse, I found pink grapefruit juice after my workout.. I love pink grapefruit juice... Immediately post-workout, you better believe I had a glass of grapefruit juice!

3rd - 400 cals: a smoothie with a handful of frozen blueberries & one of strawberries, 1 scoop of green food powder, 1 pouch of vanilla Vega sport protein, and 1 massively heaping scoop of that Earth powder, with at least a cup of Earth Balance Soy Milk.

~~~PH test of urine approx. 45 mins after smoothie is 5.5, while saliva is at 7 (totally horrible numbers)~~~

4th - 545 cals: 1/2 a Tofurky all-dress pizza with added salsa, Daiya, tomato sauce, and fiber.

5th - 375: I ate about a handful of tiny chocolate chips (Vegan of course) X)

6th - 495: 1/4 a sandwich that my loving husband made me. It's a big deal as he never makes anything to eat, much less for anyone else lol. So, white crappy refined baguette, Tofurky, Udo's choice 3-6-9, shredded iceberg lettuce, organic stone ground mustard, Vegenaise, & 1/4 tsp of my homemade all-purpose herbal+seaweed seasoning.

7th - 79:1 cup of bland frozen organic blueberries.. never buying those again.


notes: I totally took a nap and didn't do any house chores wort bragging about, but the extra long workout was totally worth it lol.


Supplements: New Chapter's Vegan Zyphlamend for inflammation, L-Theanine & melatonin before bed. I didn't take my usual handful, which isn't good, as cutting them out cold Tofurky kinda pisses off the body that ends up relying on them lol.

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Lol yea, the app really helps to break it all down. Turns out I didn't need to remake my journal a thousand times after all lol.

You know Tofurky has more than a big thank roast right? Yesterday I ate one of their pizzas, which we rarely get because they're small & expensive, and they have sandwich slices! =)

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Mittwoch, Februar 29:

Exercise - burned 106 - Jogged around the block, stopped once or twice. My legs were a little stiff from yesterday, which is totally cool to me! I didn't want to injure myself so I'm playing it safe until I know better. Even if it would be safe to push myself harder, I have a lot of chores to do haha and I need my energy!

Calories - total = ______

1st consumption - 6 : 1 liter of water with organic lemon juice upon waking.

2nd - 70: 1 serving of the lemon lime Vega pre-workout energizer, which btw is very gross tasting, so I usually stick to the other one. The concept of the flavour is good, and they've almost got it... but not quite enjoyable yet.

3rd - 80: Vega Recovery Accelerator, Apple berry, delish!

4th - 544: two slices of high fiber toast, no-stir almond butter (there's no hydrogenated oils & its free so can't complain), blackstrap molasses, and coconut oil.



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Samstag, März 3:

I am beat. Haven't slept very well these past few days & having to work a wonky shift had me take 2 days off, which I didn't want to have to do again. Now I don't feel like jogging lol. Going anyways, as it is Vega Time!

Calories burned: 125.

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