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Count me in :)

Salida del Sol

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Hi folks,


just a short introduction: I'm a 28 years old woman and been "almost" vegan for about 9 month. I read this forum since a few month, now i'm ready to add my two cents worth


Normally i went 3 times a week to the box gym and go jogging 1 time a week. Additionally, or if i didn't have time for the box gym, i practice "strength training" at home.


I look forward to read from you - with a lot of entertaining discussions

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Hey welcome to the group. You will find a lot of people here on this forum with similar interests. If you haven't already search for boxers or start your own thread. Another good section to connect and make useful is the fitness journals. If you are into it we'd all love to hear what you do for workouts and what you eat to stay healthy. Where are you from? Post a profile pic too.





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