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I watched a cool documentary on aging and longevity and they found out if it's mostly the case with your grandparents and and parents that they live long and healthy, you're pretty much guaranteed those genes because in the case of natural selection, those genetics would be idea for procreation.

Not exactly. Evolution selects for reproductive fitness, not longevity. Living past the age of healthy reproduction (and possibly child-rearing) is useless as far as natural selection is concerned.


Yes but natural selection and evolution is a process that takes generations, sometimes and often without obvious cause or reason, think about it, what is the purpose of living to 113 when you cannot reproduce.

That's exactly my point. There is no purpose. Living longer than necessary is simply a bonus. You might be more genetically likely to have a long life if your parents did, but that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with procreation. There could very well be a gene that promotes longevity but reduces fertility, which would almost certainly be selected against.


These days, though, there's almost no difference either way. We've broken natural selection pretty completely.

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I find meat disturbing and repulsive, the thought of it makes me sick.

I would be just as offended to see a chunk of Ham in my frig as I would to see a chunk of my neighbor’s leg.


As for meat tasting good… I did like the taste of meat before I was vegan, but that was many years ago.

About a year ago while on a road trip I got a bean burrito from a drive through.

I took a bite right into a piece of meat, it was awful! super, super salty and nasty tasting, I was really pissed.

My taste had changed so much since before I was vegan that it no longer tasted the same as I remember. The first time eating at Loving Hut the taste of the soy meats scared me, so I had to ask my wife (who is not vegan at all) is this real meat? She assures me it’s not and taste totally different, point being our taste just change over time.


But… the lab grown meat is more gross than disturbing. A bunch of cells grown in a lab… Yuck!! No thanks.



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