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New and needing help


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Hi guys. Just wanted to say it's nice to find this place.


Well I want to keep the intro short. I dropped from 220lbs (fat) to 168 lbs though I still have my stomach to get rid off. Too much BIG muscle would be a hindrance in my sport so I want to focus on strength and endurance and if muscle comes of that, then great.


However, I have been on other, well known Bodybuilding forums and asked if anyone knows the ratio of things like soy milk and tofu to meat so I can work out how to get my diet in order for a cutting / strength workout and all I got was scorn and people telling me how stupid I was for making "arbitary cuts to my diet", telling me that I should eat meat and adding things like "I think the issue is that you don't want correct information but, rather, confirmation of your own bias.".


So right now I'm a little disalusioned but I don't want to give up..


Could someone, please, someone sensible point me towards a vegan diet plan and a good workout for getting the fat off and getting my overall strength up?



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If you signed up to the site I'm thinking you more than likely did I wouldn't worry over their reactions & comments. The site you talk about is basically (sorry if I offend anyone) full of moronic c**ts.


Ideally you need to be taking in 1.5-2g of protein per body pound, if your body fat is over 25% you would work it off of lean body mass.


Post up a days worth of food so you can get some feed back.

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Okay here is my diet:


I don't have any defined meals though it usually goes like this


Breakfast: Usually proidge or musli with soy milk + pre workout shake of soy protien, soy milk and banana along with creotine.


Snack: Post workout shake, seee above


Lunch: Tofu, vegetables and some sort of buckwheet noodles/pasta. Can be stur fried, steamed or raw depending on mood


Snack: Bagle with peanut butter


Dinner: either same as lunch or something like chili made with vegetables and rehydrated protine mince.


I don't really have X set meals but I keep the portions of protien/carbs/vegetables the same. Common things I eat are Quinoa, Tofu, Buckwheet noodles, brown rice, mix of fruit and vegetables.


Workout is as follows, if two exercises are put one under the other then they are supersets, all exercuses are 12-20 done to faliure.



Monday and Thursday

x3 Dumbell chest press

Single arm DB row


x3 Pec fly machine

Lat pull down (wide, close and reverse grip)


x3 Straight bar bicep curl

Dips (assisted)



Tuesday and Friday

x3 Single leg high step (with barbell on shoulders)

Single leg step up (with barbell)


x3 Dumbell shoulder press

Roman chairs (knee lifts)


x3 Dumbell lat raises



Cardio (20 to 30 mins) is done once a day.

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I will give you my usual response to people wanting to gain muscle/strength.


You need to focus on compound movements. Barbell work, so military press, deadlifts, bench press & squats. 


These are the core lifts & should be what you build a workout around. Once you hit these, assistance work can be added but do not do a million & one assistance movements. Also they need to have a point to them eg military press day dips & chins would work extremely well. 


With squats glute ham rises & good mornings. 


Also, Personally I think lifting to failure on each thing you do is not good. Even more so if you are looking to build/get strong. Rep ranges of 12+ won't give you this.


Nothing is more rewarding than planning out a workout/sets & reps then hitting the numbers. Lifting to failure constantly, I think is mentally draining & can put you in a negative state of mind....also on the bi lifts you should always keep a rep or two in the tank.


It's about training to get the best out of a work out. You don't need to destroy yourself every workout.


Diet looks clean enough but more protein for sure 

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I train for strength as do a few of us on here, I definitely don't train for anything else. But what comes with that is what I call proper thick muscle.


The big lifts will give you the strength, pissy chest flys & dumbbell bench & shoulder press won't. Don't replace bench press/military pressing with dumbbells.


Builtfit.com has a pretty good 3 day lifting routine for strength. I used it after pulling my back & had to rest from squats & deads. It's basic but worked extremely well. Strength training should be simple

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If its hurting the neck your not setting up right...goto YouTube & search mark rippetoe squats. There's a video of him with a guy whom he's workin with 1-1 & this is perfect technique he's teaching.


You could sub it with front squats but not dumbbells.


Practice squats, even body weight/free bar. This is the best movement out of anything else. If you can squat you can do anything

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Thanks for the advice, I will look into it. I don't really want huge muscle as that wouldn't be good for my sport (Kendo) for two reasons.


One being that guys with bigger muscle seem to suffer a bit with their speed and they need to do extra training just to loosen up.

Second, my armour is made to measure, if I got bigger constantly then it would pretty much put a bit dent in my wallet for bits of armour that need replacing

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If you want strength, proper strength you need to the abive. You obviously control it by how much you lift, not what you do. So ou control how big you get by food/weight you lift


I agree with you, I study keysi & since I've gotten bigger I have lost speed. But my tech is still sound & now I'm massively stronger. You need to weigh up the balence

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