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Jessica's Training Journal

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Back from recent Thailand trip. Been feeling very motivated and everything has been going well so far =). Have lots of clear goals and lots of mini goals to get to them. Have been doing well with eating carbless lunchs and gym has been going really well. Feeling happy and motivated and hoping to keep it up and make some improvements!

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Had a good day. Good work out at gym my current work out is almost the same as a fitness model called Tamika Webber (she is on simply shredded). I really like how she looks and wanted to change up my workout so i took her work out and made some adjustments. For cardio i am currently doing 15 min on treadmill. 1 min warm up, 4 min jogging, 5 min HIIT, 5 min speed walking on incline. I keep switching it up so i don't get bored. I want to increase the time to 30 min and do the whole thing twice but i need to start doing better about getting to gym on time hehe. Also today i tried quinoa for the first time in a salad and YUM =) new salad food.

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Haven't had internet for a few days so haven't been able to get on. Finally got dial up working on my computer and my dad gets back later today and will re hook up the wifi. Training has been good. had a great leg day the other day and made me SO sore. . diet and working out have been going pretty well and feeling pretty happy with how things are going

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Ya it was awful the desk where the cord to connect dial up to my computer wasn't very close to the nearest power bar that my laptop can plug onto so i had to put it on my lap and sit in a chair 2 feet from the desk to reach both things. fun fun. My weekend will mostly consist of teaching english andd working on the school i wasnt able to do these past few days without internet. Big plans next week though as i will be going with my boyfriend to pick out an engagement ring because my parents have agreed to sign the papers this summer allowing me to get married at 17 when we go back to America for a visit.

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I am also feeling pretty happy with things. i think the improvements in my diet have been working, i think my stomach does look flatter. Especially when i wear tighter shirts i notice my stomach doesn't really come out like it used to. This is really a happy feeling for me because from the very beginning my main desire was to flatten my stomach and now im finally on the right track

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i just turned 17 =) have been in the relationship for 5 years in April, i still sometimes cant believe my parents agreed but if we had to wait until next year when i was 18 it would have been a lot of extra hassle and we are going to America this summer anyways so it just worked out better this way. Im excited and anxious. a lot of changes coming up!

Taking off day today although my yoga mat is calling my name so i might have to do some of that at some point. Diet has been going fairly well. Breakfast is either 1/2 cup of oatmeal plus unsweetened soy milk with cinnamon or a smoothie with a scoop of protein powder, banana, spinach, and soymilk. (depending on how hungry i am when i wake up), lunch is either a salad with spinach, tofu, mushrooms, apple, cranberries, quinoa, carrots, and almonds or a vegetable stir fry. i have been snacking less but when i do it is usually some nuts or dates, fruit, sweet potato, or crackers with pb. dinner is always different but is always healthy and moderate to low in carbs. i have a protein shake before and after my work outs and after dinner i enjoy some crackers with pb while playing x box before bed hehe. i definetely eat less carbs then before and the foods i enjoy eating have changed. i often crave salads now. I also have been working on not eating too close to bed time which has been going well except i wake up hungrier than before.

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Thank you =)

Chest and back day today and planning for 30 min of cardio before hand =).

I haven't really put in my current gym plan so i think ill add that in now. (some of the names might be wrong hehe)


15-30 min cardio

Flys side and front 2x15

anterior cable raises 3x6

dumbell press 3x15

side laterals 4x15

5-10 min stretching ( i am trying to do the splits)


Monday-legs and abs

squats 4x15

deadlifts 4x15

hamstring curls 4x15

leg extensions 4 x 15

ab crunch machine 3x 15

lying leg raises 3x15

floor roll outs 3xfailure (im not very good at these)

5-10 min stretching


Tuesday-work out video, catching up on missed gym day, or rest day


Wednesday-biceps, triceps

15-20 min cardio

alternate bicep curls 3x20

weigted dips 3x 20 (feet on something level to hands)

incline dumbell curls 3x20

super set rope pull down bicep curl 3x20

5-10 min stretching




Friday-legs and abs


leg extensions 4x20

hamgstring curls 4x20

bulgarian squats 4x20

lunges 4x15

leg press 4x20

bicycle crunches 4x20

floor leg raises 4x20

oblique twists 3x15


Saturday-chest and back

15-30 min cardio

incline bench press 3x15

lying down cable crossovers 3x15

pulls ups (as many as possible) x3

wide grip lat pull downs 4x15

cable seated rows 4x15

5-10 min stretching


Personal records:

Squats-65kg for 5 reps

Deadlift-80kg 1 rep

Pull ups-14

Bench press on incline-50kg

Everything else i have never really tried to go as heavy as possible for one rep so i don't know what my heaviest is x)

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Haven't been on here for a while but everything has been going well. I have changed my work out a bit to combine 2 or more exercises in a super set and I try to do 20 reps of each thing. I have also recently gotten a DDR mat for my xbox and have been playing that every day for cardio. I have noticed that I have held a lot less water than normal because of how much I sweat when playing so I am def. going to continue especially because it is so fun x). I would like to lose some more fat this month because May 6th I leave for America and June 1st I get married and then soon after will come back to China and not only would I like to look as good as possible when I go back to visit all my relatives but I will also most likely not have access to a gym for the month and a half that I am there so I want to do as much as I can before going.

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Been quite a while since i have been on. Been a busy month . Finished highschool, and now currently in America and getting married in 3 weeks and then flying back to China to get a new apartment and puppy. Very excited for all the changes. My mom won't let me take my current baby/dog because she said she will be too sad without her but luckily she will be near by to visit . Not a lot of workout options this month as i will be staying at my grandparent's homes for the month sans gym options; however, been trying to keep up stretching and some body weight exercises so i don't lose too much. Thankfully just a month. When i get back i am looking forward to having more control over my diet and being able to control what food i have around the house. My fiance is not vegan so any junk food that may be around i wont eat anyways. Speaking of junk food i had my first taste of so delicious coconut milk chocolate icecream and it was AWESOME!!!! . Definetely going to make some coconut milk icecream when i go home hehe. I am using this time to plan out a good diet plan as well as my new work out to get any lost strength and muscle back. Big goal is to work on trimming down and toning everything as much as possible before october when i go to Thailand for honeymoon. So everything has been going wonderfully. Awesome profile pic btw mini forklift! looking good.

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