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"Milk is the granddaddy of functional beverages".

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Cows milk contains a lot of saturated fat and protein. Meant for baby cows. Human milk contains little protein and tons of omega fatty acids to help with higher brain function. Meant for baby humans.


When you pasteurize and homogenize milk it turns into what can essentially be called a sugary drink that spikes insulin levels.


Also, hormones in the milk, blood, puss, and other biological shit from the animal it came from are allowed, albeit in small amounts, in acceptable levels, and how baby cows are torn away from their mothers way too early.


Yeah, enjoy your milk you scumbags.

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you have such a way with words, Yeti! its a good thing.


I have eschewed milk products for years and the first three years of each of my kids, forbade it. I lost out to peer pressure and school, but I know two of my three now eschew it as well, and all of my kids are lactose intolerant-- I have one that loves yogurt, tho. Have always thought it bad and had ongoing arguments over the years with my kids dad on the efficacy of it in human diet. (Breast fed all three- and if you total years...Five years and 9 months dedicated between three kids...weaned all at well over a year, almost two with my 19 year old and 2 1/4 with my almost 16 year old. Milk is bad stuff, and the dairy council has a lot of money and sleeps with someone in DC. d'uh.

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