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A littany of products that desperately need alternatives


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Much of the stuff on listed on the image CAN be made vegan, or, is something that's not always a necessary additive but the list is only giving the partial story. Let's go down the line:





Anti-aging cream - some are vegan, cow brain is NOT an essential ingredient for such a thing


Medicines - love how vague that is, as if cow brain is the basis for all medications we depend on




Pasta - claiming blood is used in the bulk of pasta or essential is f'in silly as the image would show


Imitation eggs - funny that we just had a new vegan egg alternative show up that doesn't contain any cow's blood...how could that be?


Cake mixes - if you're using a cake mix with ingredients from cow's blood, you must not care much about what you're buying and putting into your body....


Dyes and inks - the bulk of FD&C color dyes are coal tar derived, NOT from cow's blood - again, a complete stretch on that one


Adhesives - sometimes yes, but not all by any means, and it's not essential


Minerals - I've yet to come across ANYTHING I've researched with minerals derived from cow's blood. Mind you, it seems unlikely that a naturally occurring mineral would be easier to filter and extract from blood for anything we'd normally use, but there are probably some industrial applications out there where it's still common


Medicines - again, another vague longshot on that one!


Only two parts of the cow down, and the bulk of the claims are less than honest with the inference that they're absolutely common and/or essential for items to be made. Yes, all parts of the cow are turned into a commodity after slaughter, but by the points of the image, they're trying to make it seem as if we couldn't do without these things, completely neglecting the fact that they're used because they're CHEAP WASTE MATERIALS that are sold for low prices since they're secondary to the generation of meat/leather by slaughter.


All in all, it's just one more cheap shot at discrediting veganism. Sure, I don't have a clue if there's any animal by-products in the concrete that the city poured for my sidewalk, but it's a desperate cheap shot by the anti-vegan movement when they want to use this garbage as some sort of way to "prove" that veganism is flawed. Oh well, not the first thing like this I've seen, and I'm sure it won't be the last!

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Not worth the time debating with such a person, frankly. Once someone's mind is closed shut, it rarely is successful in trying to get them to see another way. I've spent enough time on people like that, logic fails to arouse their interest in seeing a new perspective, so let them stay closed off. It's what they want, after all, to feel smug in their decisions and opinions.

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