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Done with competing?

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It's important to end the title with a question mark. I'm not sure if I am truly done with competing; but I am done with the crazy lifestyle that is required to compete. Are you in the same boat?


Now, my top goal is to achieve the pinnacle of health, and show others how to do the same.


In the past,every pound of fat gained/lost, every ounce of muscle gained/lost, grams of macronutrients and milligrams of sodium consumed, water retained/consumed, posing routines, supplements, darkness of my tan, and so on had become an unhealthy obsession.


Yet last week, the lightbulb lit up in my brain.


Don't worry. I still want to challenge myself in the gym to my max potential. I want to eat clean every day; and have a full-blown reward meal (or even a complete day!) once a week. I haven't gone wimpy on everyone.


Everything that I discover, I want to share. There are some really incredible things I can't wait to finish testing and let you in on.

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Don't worry, if you want to do it, go for it! I think it's different for everyone. I am doing my first competition this year and I'm undecided about whether or not I want to do more this year, or more in the future. HOwever, I'm leaning towards doing one or two a year for the next few years, which will only require obsessive diet for a few months out of the year...

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I talked to a few natural bodybuilders on the local scene who said the cutting back on water is BS and you don't need to do it. I can't anyway. I have a disease where I need to keep water intake high all the time. I like Clarence Bass's approach. He staye lean year round, period and is always in contest form...or at least he used to be.

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