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Request for training advice

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I'm not exactly new here, but I'm new back to posting again. Over half a year ago I'd been doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program, but I feel like it progressed too quickly for my body-type/metabolism/whatever. I ended up injuring my back (a problem which still gives me pain now) doing squats, while following the program closely. I lost faith in the program and when I recovered began solely using kettlebells, which were great for strength and flexibility.


Now I've moved and don't have access to my kettlebells so I'm thinking of rejoining a gym. My goals are strength and a good physique. I'm not wanting to be the world's strongest person, I just want to be in good shape and have a workout that makes me feel great after it. The progression of 5x5 for me became unpleasant and exhausting, so I want to avoid it. Kettlebells were good but I would like to see more progression in terms of weight and size.


Can anyone recommend a program that is in line with my request, without being as demanding as the 5x5?


Thanx, T

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