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Simi's progress shots :)

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I'm really proud of my progress so far and wanted to share with everyone!

A few of my friends saying I have really inspired them with my dedication and training, and by doing it all vegan! I am really honored by that, and excited, because even a lot of extremely non vegan meat eaters I know have been interested in how I eat, and wanting to incorporate more vegan ideas into their lifestyles and diets.

It makes me feel fantastic, because this is the main reason I train - I want to inspire others, and to use my body as hard evidence that animal cruelty is not necessary to achieve your physical goals, and it feels like it's starting to get noticed


Late 2010 vs early 2012


Me... and future me (I hope!)


Skinny me - late 2009

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Holy shit you are jacket, and im jealous of the vascularity. You look amazing.


Thanks! Same to you! I see your journal pop up in the active topics section all the time, I really admire your consistency, keep up the hard work

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Wow you're awesome! How long have you been at it? Im on my way slowly but surely... I hear it all day long at work that I wont get where I want to be with a Vegan lifestyle but your total proof!


Thanks Cassie! That's such a compliment

I've been training for about 2 1/2 years.

Don't listen to anyone who says it can't be done! Everyone here on this site can prove them wrong

I've been vegetarian for 13 years, vegan for about 4, besides a short stint of taking whey protein when I started training (I didn't know much about dairy protein then) I got the "if you're not going to eat meat or eggs you HAVE to at least take whey"! Boy were they wrong!

I had plateaued with my lean gains, but when I cut the whey and used vegan protein instead (for health and ethical reasons) I got AMAZING gains!!! Slowed down a tad now, but haven't plateaued since

Good luck, and be patient. It WILL happen

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Thanks Robert!

Training is awesome, although I'm so busy at the moment working overtime a lot and training like a freak for the Tough Mudder next weekend, so keeping a journal of it all was just going to be too much for me to keep up with!

After next weekend I'm giving myself a week off from training (I'm pretty sure I'm going to hurt myself!) Then I want to restart my journal and give Derek Trezise's Total Body Mass a whirl. I'm setting my sights for competing in the novice figure either in October this year or March next year.

Hope your training is going well too, loved the recent shoot you did on Vgirls Vguys, you look awesome!

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I've been pretty dormant on this forums lately, but just checking in to let know I'm still at it and training hard!

I wanted to share my progress, as I'm really proud of what I have accomplished so far, and look forward to finding out what my body is capable of in the future!


This is a before/after shot (late 2009 to present), and my progression pics so far (from 2010-2012 - I look so aggro in the last shot haha!)

Also, it's confirmed - I will be competing in my first novice figure show next March! I can't wait to give those meat eaters a run for their money


Anyway that's all from me for now, but I plan on visiting this site a lot more often than I have been!


Sim x



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Thanks FormicaLinoleum! I have the tiniest bit of leaning out to do, but I wont start that till late this year/early next year. Other than that, I just need to keep smashing the training, eating like a (vegan) beast, and build as much muscle as I can between now and then!

And thanks for the compliments too Synny!

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