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Been a whole week since I lasted posted? Well, I am still working out. Since it is a new month, I am trying new things. First on the agenda is more vegetables instead of fruits and grains. Cutting back on the morning cardio - I am probably overtraining on that aspect of my diet (though I could go for hours jogging outside in the morning as I love it so much). Working out just one bodypart per day at the gym, with simplified morning cardio to match whatever bodypart I am working out (like on Leg day, I will just walk 2 miles only, and if sore the next day - which I was this week - then walking the next day also, but 3 miles instead).

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Tried to do a walk this morning, but the thunderstorms decided that I better not try (I did get out and made it to the trail, but the thunder made me turn around and go back home).


Weight this morning: 145.4 - not bad considering that yesterday was a high carb day (I ended the day with strawberry shortcake that I made . . Mmmmm!).

My lowest weight so far has been yesterday's morning weight of 143.0 - which was my goal for the week! Now if I can get below that and weigh that after a high carb day!


Yesterday was Delts, and my left shoulder felt amazing during the workout, but last night it throbbed. I just kept remembering how amazed I was at doing the weights without the pain!


Researching on the internet for an hour or so, I came to the theory that I might have calcium deposits on my tendonitis. Which makes sense to me because I was taking an Amino tablet (big pill to swallow!) that had calcium carbonate in it. I know from past experiences that I can not take calcium carbonate, as it lodges in my soft tissues (heel spurs last time). So off I went of those, and I am taking in some magnesium to help get rid of the calcium deposits. According to the research, as the calcium is being reabsorbed, there is pain associated with it. My calcium deposits must be being reabsorbed at a quick pace according to the pain I am feeling then! Getting blood to the affected area also helps, as the blood takes away the calcium and redeposits it (into the bone perhaps?), but a cold pack will help with the pain - so I am alternating, though the heat makes it feel worse and the cold numbs it.


Today is Leg day! I wonder if I can do some heavy weights today? With no walk this morning, though I do have some shopping to do this morning (with sitting in the car, and then walking around Home Depot and the mall), I should be able to push it to the maintenance level at least!

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Around 130 (though I can see me slipping down the slope and going below at one point) - so losing 5/6 lbs this month and 5/6lbs next month - with the 2 weeks in September to play around with.

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Heat advisory is in effect for Michigan today. Got up really early, 6 AM, and it was already 70 degrees - but I still got on my Vibrams and headed out the door for a 6 mile jog on the trail. So sweaty - had a chafe rash under my armpits and across the chest - the wet job bra just goes back and forth and friction leaves a rash. My skin is so tender and seems to have a scab on something where the clothes rub up against it. Felt like thunder thighs on the last 2 miles as the blood seemed to be pooling there (because of Leg day yesterday? I told myself only 3 miles today, but I got in the jog trance and kept on going to the music on my MP3 player - and nothing was hurting or telling me to stop).


Leg day was awesome. Was able to do the 11 45 plates on each side of the Leg Press (though it was only 3 reps with very limited ROM - was happy just to get the weight up and not just be a face push like 4 weeks ago! I also got 305 on the Leg Extensions, and 120 on the Leg Curl. Did the Ab/Ad ductor machines to 160/150 lbs respectively also. Opted out of the Sumo Squats as it was getting late and I was starting to get hungry.


I also played outside during the Thunderstorm we had yesterday while I was at the gym. There was 1/2" to 1" hail coming down, and a deluge of water that was going horizontal with the wind blowing. The gym is in a strip mall situation with a nice overhang outside its doors, so a group of us went out into it and were picking up the small little ice balls as they ping-ponged up onto the concrete sidewalk in front of the strip mall. Took all my willpower not to go and splash in the huge puddles/flooding in the parking lot afterwards. Couldn't get my shoes all wet and try and finish my Leg workout. My inner child was happy just to play with the hail - though the puddles would have been AWESOME!

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Reading a new book, and trying to incorporate some of its theories into my diet and workout sessions: The Future Of Sports Nutrition - Nutrient Timing by John Ivy, PhD & Robert Portman, PhD.


I now wake up, go to the bathroom, take in a high glycemic carb with protein (grape-lemonade protein shake usually - nothing fancy at that early in the morning), and out the door for a trail run (I have now cut back on the distance/time around Leg day - the day before, day of, and day after are for walking only, then a building of 3 miles, 5 miles, and then a nice long 6+ mile trail jog). Then a meal when I get back, that will have a high glycemic carb also - orange juice - 2 oz only. Then another meal and another one before working out. Working out consists of a watered down high glycemic carb protein drink, and then I hurry home for another high carb protein drink - usually a smoothy. I have a regular meal 1 hour later, and then 2 more small meals before bed that are basically tofu and veggies - or a vegan sausage with mustard if in a pinch.


Still reading about hormones and insulin mostly right now and how to manipulate these hormones to improve protein synthesis, and decrease protein degradation.


I guess I should point out that I am frustrated that some muscle mass was disappearing along with the weight loss. I have to find a different way to lose the bodyfat, because I did not work so hard this winter to have it go away by dieting. I have to find a way to keep my muscle mass and lose the bodyfat . . . . and I haven't tried everything yet!


Now I have to find a jog bra that won't give me a friction burn under my armpits and below the breasts! plus today a new burn is across my spine! and not on my spine bone, but on the muscle mountains that flank either side of the spine! and getting a smaller size doesn't work either - yeah it smashes the girls pretty flat, but it digs into my traps then! because it is too short over my shoulders - because the jog bras are racerback style.

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I am liking the theories. I have been able to add some more muscle mass back on due to the sipping of a medjool date water with protein powder during my workout, and then I eat my biggest meal within 45 minutes after getting done working out. Mind you, I am back up to 148, but my abs are still flat . . . and I have some definition coming in on my delts finally. Legs still have a ways to go.


Went to the Michigan Natural NPC show. I was in the audience this time for prejudging only. I had to sit thru about 3 dozen bikini girls, and there was even a Grand Master's Bikini division in which there was 3 girls rockin $500+ bling bling suits! and mind you over 50 is the Grand Master's division (divamom? there seems to be a crowd going for it!). And then I had to sit thru another 2 or so dozen figure girls (couldn't really tell the difference, except for the height divisions - but all wore high heels and bling bling suits). Then all of a sudden the Physique guys came out! What no Physique girls or BB's? After laughing at the toothpick leg Physique guys (plus they all look like they don't do any pulldowns to widen their lats? REALLY?), a tiny woman came out and was pretty big and about my age (over 20 lets say . . . LOL!) and I was like confused! I asked if this was a Physique girl (going after the guys?), but someone said no, she was barefoot, and thus a female BBer! Yeah! I clapped so loud!!!!! I also said that if there were no female BBers, then I was not going to do an NPC show this September. . so I guess I am still on. I hope I am not the only female BBer!


I also have no boobs now! well, not as much as I did. I had to put away all my DD bras, and my C's/D's, and said Hello to my Vera Wang triangle bras again! Still haven't found the right jog bra though. . . .

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yeah i went to an npc show had the same experience.

my usbf show had no mens physique and 3 women bb...there will be a better turn out at the sept show it will be bigger.

roid use rampant in npc no testing, thats why they are phasing out womens bb, my coach said it was turning into a "freak show"..

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This is a start to the book. If you agree with it, there is alittle more detail in the book. I do not agree with everything the book says (specially about supplements, and how vegetarians are smaller than the omnivores when it comes to building muscle - even so, I will take his theory that methionine might be missing - so I am taking that now to compensate for lacking in that amino acid. And he says that carnitine is not needed because of all the meat bodybuilder's eat - again I am keeping that supplement in my diet because of all the meat I do not eat!). I am just adjusting the time when I eat my meals, and using dates to boost my insulin levels to optimize my potential at keeping my mass!

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