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Gluten free bread


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Does anyone have a super simple gluten free bread recipe or recommend gluten free mixes??? It is getting to the season of sandwiches for me. I don't like store bought bread cause it usually tastes funny to me and there are very few that don't put eggs in the bread.

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The Rudi's brand is vegan. I see it a lot but I haven't tried it. You can go here to see where to buy it in your area:




I've done a bit of gluten free baking for cookies and muffins, but not yeasted breads - sorry I'm not more help there.


I found a few on the internet, but since I haven't tried them I can't vouch for their success:







As with most gluten-free baking, they require a mix of different flours and xantham gum and what-not, so depending on what you have already it might be a bit expensive to acquire all of the ingredients.

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I have a gluten allergy(skin problems) so I stay away from anything processed(ugh, i love tortilla chips though) and anything even coming close to having gluten. One little bit of gluten or cross contamination and I feel it within minutes and proof is shown.


Bob's red mills have lots of gluten free bread, brownie, cookie, etc mixes. Also, Whole Foods/EarthFare should also carry these AND already made gluten-free breads(youll have to look).

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