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Just want some input re spirulina.. Not gaining strength and muscle mass as much as I feel I should with my training level and feel I am lacking protein. Find myself craving meat which is weird after years of being veg!


Keep thinking of spirulina and algae though. Wondering about other people's experiences and any advice re a good supply company, brand, etc.


I used healthforce nutritionals brand a while back and thought it was very appealing though bought some cheaper stuff on amazon and have gone through it VERY slow as it is weirdly repulsive...


I think I am just drawn to idea of blending my green juice stuff with spirulina in the vitamix and making a high protein, high chlorophyl, nutrient, etc drink.. I eat a lot of protein in form of beans, lentils, hemp, vega, sun warrior but all those r often combined with carbs and fat which I am thinking could be making the protein less avalibale... hmmm THANKS!!

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I believe spirulina is good for you. It has 2 grams of protein in every ounce and 56% of it's calories come from protein. It also should be a good source of phytonutrients/antioxidants.


The main downside, it is little high in sodium, but if you don't have high amounts of sodium from other foods on the days you eat it you should be fine. Also, I have read some reports of spirulina being contaminated with toxins, but I do not have any sources to offer where it could be obtained without the concern of toxins.

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