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Thanks man. I'm terrible about keeping up to date with things, but running is going well. I ran 8 miles the other day at a 7:49 mile pace and 5 miles each of the past 2 days since then and I'm on a run from 6-8 miles today with my buddy. So that's another 20-something miles in a 4-day period.


I don't eat a whole lot these days. No focus on protein amounts of this or that amount. I just eat whole foods and some processed foods (like the burrito I just ate) and I tend to drink a lot of water after I run.


My bladder is so small I don't drink all day leading up to running which I know is not healthful but that is how I have to balance running now until I switch to first thing in the morning runs and then I can drink water as much as I want the rest of the day.


Still on the road for over 4 consecutive months now. Haven't been home in 4+ months and not home for another month. Once I get settled at home, diet and training will be more consistent, as will work, rest and everything else. Once I get caught up on things I'll create a new running blog here


Thanks for checking in!

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Look forward to checking in on your new running blog when you get it up & running (haha). I hear you on the bladder, most of my running was long distance (4+hrs) up in the trails and hills, so I tended to just go when I needed it... the bonus side to being a bloke!


Bet you are looking forward to getting back home, that's a long time to be away. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Robert, take care.

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Wow, you ran 4 hours at a time! My recent record is about 2 hours.


I ran 26 miles the past 4 days. Taking it easy today during a rainy day. Today is the first time I've seen rain in 2-3 months. Pretty wild. I do love the warm sun. Seasons are changing.


Go Beavers tomorrow!


Still behind schedule with my running blogging, but hopefully I'll sort it out soon.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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You are clocking up some good mileage, nice work !! How are you finding your recovery?


A 4hr run was kind of a medium distance for me, doing the ultra stuff it was really about getting the mileage in and your legs/head conditioned to run for a) a long time b) on tired legs. My weekend usually took the brunt of it, Saturday was normally a long easier paced run for 6 or 7hrs followed up by a 3-4hr harder run on Sunday. Through the week I often ran morning and night so I could fit in an easy 20-30km a day.


Who are the Beavers? Excuse the ignorance of us foreigners !!

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Wow! I can't even imagine that right now, running for 6 or 7 hours. That is pretty intense stuff. I'd like to get up to running 3 or 4 hours at a time, but 6 or 7 might be out of my current range and interest.


Recovery from running is going OK. My tendons, heals and calves often hurt, but in general, it's going alright.


Recovery from my wrist and back issues is coming along. Both are improving. I still plan to get the wrist looked at officially to see what's going on. No weights since May.


Beavers are the home town college team where I grew up. I'm home visiting family right now. My little brother's wife is having a baby tomorrow.


So I'm in town and cheering on our local Oregon State Beavers, currently ranked #10 in college football for the whole country.


Have a great one!

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  • 3 weeks later...

It has been messing with my head since May


I don't call myself anything anymore.


Not a bodybuilder, not a runner, sometimes not even an athlete. But athlete is as far as I'll go for now.


I'm actually trying to move away from labels. I worked hard to attach labels to myself for 15 years, and now I'm spending time peeling each label away. Maybe it is all part of maturing and growing up. Or it's something else.


Congrats on 1,000+ posts on our forum by the way! That is so greatly appreciated!


Hope all is great with you. Thanks for checking in.


I ran 9 miles the other day and also plan to sign up for a 3-hour run which ironically happens to fall on my 17th anniversary being vegan


Still training, just piled on about 10 projects at once and haven't been updating things on here all that much. Hope to get more organized soon.


All the best!

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Hey Rob,


Would it be possible to do the 12 days of nutrition/workout plan again this year in time for the holidays. i enjoyed reading your lists. Kept me motivated.


I recently saw one of your youtube video that you were with two other vegans at a co-op store buying groceries. I found the video really interesting and was nice to see how 3 different vegan athletes ate for top performance. I thought your diet was the most realist to stay on vegan track.


What are your thoughts about the raw vegan girl in your video diet of mostly fruits and veggies with no nuts and seeds. Me personally find that I'm not satisfied on mostly fruits. Always hungry.

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Thanks for the question. I'm glad you enjoyed the online fitness challenge last year. It was a lot of fun.


Unfortunately I won't be able to host that event again. It took all of my money and all of my time to put it on. It actually took me 6 months to get it all completed so it was a huge undertaking that I'm still recovering from it and won't be able to pull it off again. Maybe in the future we can put a program together, but for now, I've got to focus on catching up in other areas.


That being said, all the info is still there in that section of the forum so anyone can follow the same daily tips again.


As far as the video goes, I've changed my diet quite a bit since that video was filmed about 7 years ago. I eat mostly whole foods these days, including soy and gluten-free. So I don't eat packaged foods all that much. I'm closer to Brendan Brazier's approach these days.


I eat a whole lot of fruits these days. I think the key with a high fruit diet is to eat a lot of fruit to get a lot of total calories. Without large serving sizes, we do tend to feel pretty hungry and unfulfilled.


Hope you have a great time training!

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I did was involved in some arm wrestling today at a vegetarian (vegan) chili cook-off. There were about 600 people at this vegan chili event. I had the opportunity to arm wrestle a couple of forum members.


Good times with IronCladBen and bartronx7 and of course, the man himself, Big Bald Mike of Bonebreaker Barbell: http://bbbarbell.com/


Austin, TX is one of the great vegan cities in the country!

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I don't see any reason why eating fruit would take anything away from muscle tone, it seems like if anything it would help a little. I'm not aware of any fruits to avoid, but I try to eat a variety of fruits from berries to bananas to fruits of all different types of colors and styles. I don't follow any specific diet aside from vegan. At the moment I'm eating soy-free and gluten-free but I eat whatever I feel like as long as it is vegan. Not sure what my macronutrient breakdown is, have no idea really. I just eat whatever I feel like day to day. Just how I roll.

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No problem. I'm happy to answer questions, but I wouldn't invest too much into my answers. I just eat whatever I feel like. I'm not weight training these days and I'm not in great shape, so I don't think what I eat matters that much.


I don't feel any different on a soy and gluten-free diet. I don't know what I should expect to feel, but I don't feel any different. I'm sticking with it for a few reasons, one of them being to focus on more whole foods and less processed foods, to save money, and to see if over a longer duration, I'll notice some sort of positive changes.


Yeah, I cook food. I usually have brown rice every day with beans, avocado and greens. I eat a lot of Indian, Thai and Mexican food.


Most of my snacks consist of fruits.


I don't eat nearly as much as I did when I lifted weights. I don't supplement these days either, aside from vitamin B-12.


That's where I'm at right now. Have a great one. I should probably go for a run later today.

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Yeah, I found some SKORA shoes and my Saucony shoes to both work well. I realized that my last 4 pairs of shoes have been Saucony and the Skora's are new.


Today I ran a 5k and timed it. I finished at 22:05 which I believe is something like a 7:10 minute mile pace. I was just running for fun, testing out my new watch. I haven't had a wrist watch in about 10 years, since I last ran, so I picked one up to track my laps.


In total I ran 4 miles today and biked for an hour yesterday and hiked a mountain a couple of days before that.


I don't really have any specific training goals right now and I'm OK with that. I'm just getting involved with fun fitness activities.


Had some potatoes, avocado and romaine lettuce tonight. I forgot I had some olives to put in the mix too. That shall wait until another day.


Have a great one!

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That's a fast 5km time Robert, you're making some great progress. 4min/km was about as fast as I got over half marathon distance, tough pace to hold!

I often found that something as simple as buying somehing new gave me fresh motivation to run, I have a Timex Global Trainer watch and those things are addictive!

Keep up the good work, have a top weekend buddy MF.

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I've been MIA again for a bit. 5 flights in 6 days in various parts of the country.


I ran more than 10 miles without stopping today in Denver, Colorado.


Good run. Hope to get to bed early tonight to rest up and keep on training with these long runs.


I ran for 1 hour and 37 minutes today and plan to run 2+ hours later this week and next week get in a 3-hour run.


Then I have another 3-hour run on Dec. 8th.


Looking forward to putting in the miles!

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I ran 21 miles the past two days. All of my last 4 runs have been longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes. The longest was yesterday's 1 hour and 46 minutes.


I'm hoping to run 3 hours at once this weekend or as close to it as I can, and a 3-hour run the follong weekend with IronCladBen.


We'll see how it goes!

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