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Testosterone supplement and women.


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Any women here taking any type of testosterone supplement?

If so why? Any results taking it? What brand..etc?


Ive never considered taking a testosterone supplement before until I watched his video but still unsure...What are your thoughts on taking it and your thoughts on this specific supplement he's promoting.




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I personally don't like the guy because he is always coming up with a new product to scam people. Spending the money on natural healthy foods is a much better option. As for testosterone; activity and monounsaturated fat boost testosterone.


We Vegan's don't eat animal products, hence no Dioxins, the plastics he mentions that lower testosterone. I would also add that the majority of the people work office jobs, less activity, lower testosterone.


By the way, testosterone has nothing to do with muscle gain. If you're looking to gain muscle, Vitamin B3(vegetables, leafy greens), enough sleep, and obviously exercise stimulate growth hormone for muscle mass.

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World ABS's ProStack and BTT Pro. http://www.worldabs.com/


My stamina has increased (which is great during this dieting stage), and I made muscle gains on it fairly quickly (I could have made the same muscle gains, but probably not so fast).


In the past I have tried the Keto-7, and that also worked, but for only a month or so - as the body gets use to it (your body already makes it, it just starts to compensate for the extra that you are externally taking in).


I also tried the Andiols, and had great massive muscle gains with that stuff - but I also proceeded to have little hairs pop out on my chin! Freaked me out, so I stopped taking those.


I decided I was at my genetic edge after 2 years of competitive BB to try these supplements. This is how I was able to notice results.

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