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Baby vegan with conflicting views on nutrients!

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I've been vegan for about two months, and lifting pretty regularly for about six. Before going vegan, I had been vegetarian for 10 years. My body just up and decided not to process animal products anymore (which was a bummer, seeing as I was eating a ton of egg whites as lean protein). I'm happy as can be being vegan, but I have made my way to the internet with nutritional concerns! I don't have any trouble getting protein. I'm averaging almost 100g a day as prescribed by my meat-eating bodybuilder boyfriend, but I don't know how I feel about eating so much processed stuff - TVP in the mornings as oatmeal, protein powders, even weird little vegan hot dogs. The carb versus protein balance gives me some trouble, too. I'm told I should be eating 40% calories from protein, 40% from carbs, and 20% from fat, but that doesn't leave me very much room to eat fruit, which I love.


I'm reading on other websites that I still need to cut more carbs and consume even more protein, and others are saying to cut out the processed crap and that I only really need about 40g a day. I'm pretty active (at least 30 minutes cardio 6-7 days a week, heavy weight training 5 days a week), and I'm trying to build up muscle and cut down on fat. Any advice from the peanut gallery?

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40/40/20 works somewhat when eating an omnivorous diet. Meat-heads still gain fat.


80%+ from cabs, max 10% from protein and max 10% from fat. Try it. You'll be able to eat all the fruit you want without worrying about the myth that too much potassium from natural sources causes heart attacks. Potassium isn't toxic at the doses found in fruit, its impossible to overdose unless the vains are full of fat. I would advise to clean up your vains from all that animal fat with natural antioxidants like vegetables, lettuce, and carrot juice before going crazy with the lovely fruits.


The change will take awhile until your body gets cleaned up, so don't give up.


Mothers milk has 6% protein. Tell that to your meat-eating boyfriend.

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Yes, the key to it all is fun! Train for fun, sweat for fun! Enjoy your workout (so you can do it regularly;)!

Now, on the nutrition issue - do not eat processed fat. Never. Simple as that. Ok, you may have a chocolate or something small but always check the fat contents. Sweet is allright if you can find it without added fat (hard, huh?). Of course, do not pour too much sugar into your stomach at once. You may want to focus on rice and whole grains (like, not grinded, no flour, no bread or at least not much). Of course, sweet fruit would be best if you like it. Aaaand - make yourself a diet that you enjoy! Fun is the key to everything!

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Instead of just following what others say on the internet, I suggest getting a good book (or at least borrowing it) like Becoming Vegan or Vegan For Life. They will give you everything you need to know, and they both have science to back up their conclusions. Good luck!






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