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Low sex drive since going vegetarian

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Man don't you think it's a good thing you no longer feel that way about women you see?


I think vegetarianism connects us back to our minds and hearts, I would always choose a meaningful relationship over some sex-obsessed promiscuous lifestyle. I'm not the conservative type, I just think that overwhelmingly I've found girls don't like the sex-obsessed weirdos. I've heard vegetarianism lowers your testosterone which is actually a good thing I think.


When I was with my ex-girlfriend I found eating raw vegetables before 'going to bed' was amazing.

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Sexual well-being is an important part of both mental and physical health, as it's a natural (and free) way to feel good. The first thing to know is that libido is fickle and varies from person to person, so don't compare yourself to anyone else. "There is no generally accepted 'healthy' level of sexual desire." An easy way to increase a man's libido is to deceive nature, go to a pharmacy, buy an erection stimulant and get the desired result in a short time.

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