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Need help with stubborn belly fat

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I've always had this "smooth gut syndrome", lol. Even when I was an active wrestler in high school I still had a flab midsection.


I've hit the cardio hard over the years, done hi-intensity stuff like circuit training, Insanity, etc., and no matter what I try I cannot shed this. I eat a very clean diet and enough cals., I track them on fitness pal. Played with different ratios, not much difference.


How about some ideas from you guys who have been successful in cutting those abs.

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How active are you? Training in the gym every day may not be enough if people sit down for the other 22.5 hours in the day.


If you do sit a lot, you could get up frequently to move around or to do some simple exercises. Even standing up more often will help. NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis and all that)


If you are very active throughout the day, I don't know what else to suggest apart from looking again at your diet.


Good luck!

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What do you eat on a daily basis? And what exercises are you doing? Try focusing on squats and deadlifts and doing ab exercises where you're standing up so it's more of a functional position. Also, this will sound funny.. But make sure you have your abs tucked in when walking. Not in a way that's noticeable, but just enough to support your back. Is there any chance of some of it being bloat? Or is it actual belly fat?

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Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it.


Martin - I do sit a lot. I have a driving/delivery job & I sit for several hrs. while doing that work.


greengoddess - Because of a weird work schedule, I sleep twice for about 3.5/4 hrs. each time. I try to shoot for 4-5 meals, but that's tough sometimes. I consume a vegan diet w/ little fat, other than flax oil that I mix in w/ shakes.


Recently I mixed up the training & started circuit training. I figured the short rest intervals with relatively constant movement would assist in burning more fat.


I do like squats/deadlifts, but I've always been one that kinda gets bored w/ floor ab work. I will do it but I tend not to put as much into it as I do bench work, for example.


Bloat - I believe you may have hit on something with that. I would say it looks bloated; I have done some reading on that & I feel I should up my fiber/water intake.


But, it is also fat, lol, as my abs are smooth.

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