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3 Times The Calcium Of Kale

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Sounds good by how you describe it because I detest kale and spinach with a great passion!


I will have to look around however I do love the Idea of growing my own veggies, even if it is a little bit. I have a feeling within me screaming that we humans should be helping nature flourish!


The thing is that what people eat is very integrated into the culture of Italy which makes finding non-Italian foods very challenging and China town isn't around the corner.

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Thank you for sharing fallen horse.


Does bitter mean oxalates?


No, because bitter can mean many things: vitamin c, sensitive tastebuds, other substances etc


FWIW, the book I got the information from quoted a study on the absorbability of calcium in various vegetables. The "3 times kale" thing I quoted was shorthand for "3 times the usable calcium of kale"

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