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Help - Dietary needs, 21 year old female

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Okay, so my story is a bit complicated but I'm in desperate need of assistance.


To start off with, I'm in recovery from an eating disorder, specifically purging type bulimia. I would go days without eating, then I would binge and purge by throwing up. I have been in recovery for about a year now but I still have my slip ups. I was stuck in the starve, binge, purge, starve cycle pretty recently (about a month ago for a two week period). Now I"m back on track, so no worries.


But I'm a bit confused. Two weeks ago, I weighed 182 (this was after all the eating disorder behaviors). Today, I weigh 197. (FYI, 21 yrs old, 5'9 female) I have been 1800 calories a day, 60 grams of fat, 90 grams of protein, ~250 grams carbs and I have been running about three miles a day (6 days a week) plus weight training four days a week and doing high intensity boxing training two days a week . I don't understand how I could have possibly gained that much weight in two weeks. What I'm thinking is it was a false weight loss, that I didn't really weigh 182, it was just water weight/muscle loss from my abusive eating pattern.


That being said, I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle but I don't know if I'm eating too much, not enough or just enough. Anyone have any advice/suggestions/input? I'd be forever grateful!

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The good thing about going vegan is that you can eat more without worrying that you'll go overweight. I'm not well acquainted with bulimia but it doesn't sound unnatural to throw up after long periods of not eating. Your stomach hasn't had anything to do for a long time and then all the food comes in. Also, quick losses and gains in weight are usually water. That said, it is hard to judge from numbers:)

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Hey there,


I'm not a doctor but your body is probably going to hold onto weight for a bit as it tries to normalize itself ( I did a few projects on ED's while in high school lol - Hopefully someone who has recovered from one will have some insignt for you). So don't worry about that weight! Your body is used to thinking it's going to be stuck in a famine cycle for awhile. The last thing you want to do is not eat enough because it's only going to confuse your body more. I'd aim for about 2,000 calories personally. You may need more or less, just go by hunger signals ( don't over eat either). Eat at the same times every day. Drink lots of water! Aim for about 2-3 litres every day. Try to get some electrolytes in there as well, for example? Drinking some coconut water after your workouts.

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