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L-sit pull ups

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Does anyone do L-sit pull ups?


I did them for the first time a couple of days ago. When I first tried I couldn't even do one. I tried again a little later and managed to do one. These were with my hands at shoulder width. Later in the day I did some with my hands about 4 inches apart. I managed to do 2 in a row. I did a few more but mostly singles.


The next day I had DOMS in the abs. I have never had DOMS in the abs after doing normal pull ups nor from doing L-sits on the ground.


I did some more L-sit pull ups today. I did 4 and think I could have struggled a 5th one but I stopped because I felt a bit of an ache in my elbow. I did another 4 reps 10 minutes later. Then I did 2 or 3 with my hands shoulder-width apart. I only managed to do singles with the shoulder-width grip a couple of days ago. There must be some trick to them that my muscles now understand.


It is definitely much harder doing pull ups in this way. When I did the first 4 today I felt a lot of work was being done somewhere in my lower back, probably the lower lats. I didn't notice this feeling in the later ones.


I did them with my palms facing away and my legs held out straight in front of me - no bending at the knees. A slight pause and no swinging at the bottom of the movement. Swinging would make it easier. I did need to adjust my posture in some way before starting the pull - I think I needed a slight leaning backwards or pulling back of my shoulders. And I found close-grip ones easier than shoulder width.


I am going to do all or most of my pull ups in this way for the next few months. I will soon add extra weight - probably when I can consistently do 8.


I don't know why they are much harder to do than normal ones but that is a bonus in my book and makes them well worth doing.

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Yes I do L-sit pull ups regularly, sometimes on a bar, sometimes on gymnastic rings. Apart from obviously recruiting the core more than traditional pull ups it also makes the whole movement a lot more challenging. I think this is mainly because you need to keep so 'tight' that you can't cheat by using momentum/swinging etc.


I've found a good way to do this exercise is by hanging my rings so low that if my knnes bend at all that my feet will touch the ground. This leaves no room for poor form.

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I had a look for info about them after writing the above. There is very little. There are some videos on youtube but most show people doing them by not fully straightening their arms at the bottom of the movement or only doing 2 or 3 reps. I saw one bloke do about 9 but he did it with a neutral grip. And I saw a woman - Souixsie something - do 5. I didn't want her to be better than me so I tried again and did 5. Only just. It's a great exercise and I wish I had started doing it years ago.


I'll incorporate it into my weight training tomorrow. I might do triples with 60 seconds between sets. Or I might do singles with 10 seconds between each one.


Good idea about the rings.

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