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what to eat on P90X

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Hello everyone, I am new to this site!


I was wondering if anyone has done P90X while being vegan? I've done it twice before, was a vegetarian the first time, vegan the second time. I started Day 1 again today. The previous times I didn't really get any results, however, I am about 11 lbs lighter than the first time I did it in 2010. I obviously didn't follow their meal plan since they didn't have a vegan one at the time, but I did eat really clean and I did buy a vegan protein to drink after a workout.


Since I did all the workouts and ate well, and still didn't lose weight/see a noticeable difference, I need all the advice I can get. I eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. I RARELY drink anything other than water, I don't drink/smoke, I don't buy or eat processed foods at all, and the majority of my groceries come from the produce section, the rest from bulk foods (grains, nuts, seeds), and I prepare all my meals myself from scratch. I also try to drink 96 oz of water, although some days I only get 32oz.


I really don't want to OD on tofu or any kind of processed faux meat/proteins, and I really don't like the idea of a meal replacement in a powder form. I really want to get my nutrients from whole foods.


I am not trying to bulk up, I am a female and want to decrease body fat and be toned. (5'6.5, 140lbs, maybe 28-30% body fat based on online measurements) I also may have a slight thyroid issue, which makes it extremely difficult for me to lose weight regardless of what I do! Any advice?

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Quinoa. Definitely quinoa. I love quinoa!


What you eat and how much protein/carbs/fats is dependent on the results you want. There are three different types of meal plans with different protein/carb/fat ratios depending on what stage you're at in the program and the results you want. Cronometer.com is a great site for determining your daily macros and you can take it from there.

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BTW, quick commentary on "bulking up"...women cannot, by definition, bulk up. We don't have enough testosterone. Women who do P90X (like me!) lean out and gain curvy, sexy muscle. Seriously.


I've done P90X by itself, P90X/Insanity, and P90X/Turbo Fire. I just got certified in P90X and just started P90X2.


Also, just a warning/commentary: a lot of people (women especially) do NOT see major results until month three. Stick with it, DO NOT GIVE UP, and stay around for that sweet, sweet month three.

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