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My personal experiment in a low fat vegan diet

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I figure I'll use this forum to document my progress in beginning a low fat vegan diet, something similar to Dr. Esselstyn's or Dr. Mcdougall's. I began a fairly compliant vegan diet in July 2011, dropped 30 pounds to my current 200lb. My lipid profiles says that I'm heart attack proof, so all is good on that front, but now I need to get the weight down to at least 170lb.


Current baseline stats:



69 inches

5 sets of 10X Lat pull down 120lb

5 sets of 5 Dips

3 sets of 8X double dumbell curls 35lb

2 miles at a leisure pace 14-15 min

Regular bike rides at roughly 20 miles a week


What other exercises besides bench press, squat, and dead lift, should I record for a reference point to look back at?



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try stronglift's 5x5 for beginners. you're not a beginner clearly by looking at your muscle mass but it's basically a fool proof, yet easy to fit into a schedule, routine that has you lifting 3x a week. you will squat three times a week which should really kick your metabolism into high gear and help build a ton of muscle in obviously your legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, and lower back.


workout A:

squat 5 sets of 5

bench press 5 sets of 5

bent over pendlay rows 5 of 5


workbout B:

squat 5x5

overhead press 5x5 (not seated, not military)

deadlift 1x5



at the very least give his website a read, it's maybe idk an hour or two total of reading, and you can download his free ebook stuff, and it's a good way to learn some stuff that applies beyond his training program. i'm going to be starting this program may 1st with a vegan diet. i'm going to be squatting 3x a week and i can already squat well over 400 pounds... why not get more?


cheers and PM me if you want

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Progress at 180 lbs.


135 lbs lat pull down 8 reps X 4


8 dips X 5


standing overhead kettlebell (one kettlebell) press 24kg 8 reps X 6 [3 sets for each arm]


4 pull ups X 4


It would be more accurate to call the past few months a low fat vegetarian diet due to my traveling, particularly in a french speaking country. I did however keep the total amount of grams of protein under 50 per day. I certainly didn't lose strength, but I don't think I gained anything that's noticeable.



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