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Hey! From Vancouver Island, Canada.


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Hey. I'm getting serious about fitness again after a three year set back due to a major injury. Prior to being a total couch potato I was really active. My diet progressed almost naturally to a vegan diet to deal with pain and inflammation issues due to injuries. I was raw vegan when I was heavily into kickboxing and martial arts and never felt better (I'm now just high raw vegan - for some reason, over time the raw diet didn't seem to work as well for me, but I could have been missing something in my diet). Now, my goals are different and I've started strength training/body building. I'm a very small framed girl, who, from being sedentary has lost a lot of weight (yeah, could have gone the other way, glad it didn't). I'm now underweight and am hoping to pack on muscle, not fat, to reach a more ideal weight. In three months I've managed to gain three pounds (I know, not a lot....But I'm trying, I'm pretty sure my caloric intake is not high enough, but I can't seem to eat more). I'm new to weight lifting, but am enjoying it more than any other exercise I've ever done. I'm definitely seeing results but I'm always interested in learning from others and finding the most effective/efficient ways to get the results I want. I still have to be careful as some of the injuries are going to cause me life long problems (getting back into things has proven to be a much slower process than I'd hoped because of this), but I figure the best way to reduce the problems is to get and maintain a strong body.

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