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HELP! on calorie intake for muscle gain and/or fat loss

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Hey, folks.


I managed to lose 13 lbs (of fat) in the last two months. Now I think it is time to add some muscle, even though I still would like to lose 3 or 4 lbs more. I recently changed my wourkout routine in order to allow some hypertrophy, but I am still trying to adjust my calorie intake. I've read a lot about this, but I find it extremely disturbing that each source comes with a different theory.


The problem is: as I still want to lose 3 or 4 lbs of fat, I kept running three times a week (in the morning). I go weight lifting three times a week too (in the same days I go running, but in the evening). In general, I spend 3500 calories in the days when I go running + weight lifting. In the remaining days, I spend 2600 calories. It is easier to reach the minimum calorie intake on rest days, but almost impossible to do so in the days I go running + weight lifting.


Besides, I still don't know if I should maintain a calorie deficit (in order to lose the remaining body fat), or if I should eat exactly what I spend, or if I should start having a calorie surplus (in order to build muscle). It doesn't make sense going running three times a week if I have to eat like tons of food to reach my minimum calorie intake (to build muscle). Should I stop running?


Any advice from you is welcome!


Best regards.

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maybe play around with your sugar and fat intake? calories in/out works to a point but my trainer took away all but 8 grams of sugar for me per day for maximum fat loss and muscle preservation on a cutting diet...my fat is 70 g similar to yours but all plant sources. he also reduced my carbs to much lower, went from 200g to 100g /day...which is a little extreme but youre getting 400g, which some might say is a lot if youre trying to diet down. and lastly he told me, and ive heard this from al ot of other places, that running destroys muscle...i dont recognize some of the foods you listed but sounds to me like cheese? which has saturated fat and may not be the healthiest thing...same with eggs..

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