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B-12 and Numbness

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I've had an issue with 'numbness and tingling' in my extremeties and this is the second time its happened. I'm so frustrated because my training was going so well! Now I need to get through this before hitting the gym again. I've had blood tests and everything came back normal but I had been supplementing B-12 aggresively just before the test since the symptoms had started.


Has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone know more about it? I'm frustrated with conventional doctors just telling me "it'll work out" or "here are some drugs". For now, I'll keep a daily B-12 supplement in my regimen and I guess I really should continue that regardless!


Any doctors/pharmacists/experts (I'm looking at Michelle here... ) that could speak to this would be awesome.


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Thanks Meech, appreciate a response I'm feeling a little better today. Went and got a B12 shot yesterday just to be safe - it was weird though, the only place that I could find was a freakin' beauty spa. I guess botox is big in Orange County! So embarrassing going in there... I think they got the message though. "No, I do not want any of your messed up procedures. Just stick me with some B12 and I'll be on my way."

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