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Anyone else here dislike the word "vegan"?


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There are very bad vegans out there. I've seen then and met them.


From the preachy types (I've met preachy meat eaters to soo.. Plus, don't call yourself a "carnivore" unless you know what that word means) to the types that just don't eat right and look horrible. It's just like everything out there, the odd ones get media attention and people always seem to judge things by how the media presents them.


If you haven't noticed from my avatar I am a fur or "furry".. Sadly there are some very odd members of the "community" out there and they get media attention so people instantly assume you are like them, when I am not, nothing like them in fact.


It's hard to get most people to judge you for you rather than what they see in the media.

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Just to respond with an explanation...


In "the old days" it was about people who were fascinated or had some sort of connection to animals to the point where they had a fantasy style self that was half animal and half human, allowing them to have the animal connection but also allowing that self to interact with the typical human world. In the old days it was nice, safe and maybe just a little quirky.


These days (I mostly blame the internet) it's been taken over by sexual fetishism and things that I wouldn't want to go into because, well, I don't like it. The majority of us still identify ourselves with the "group" but not the new people who are, sadly, more numerous now as there are far more people with fetishes than a connection to animals.

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