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Trying to get into shape for real this time

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Alright, so Ive always done weight loss challenges and workout challenges on this forum, but Ive gone for very specific goals of agility and overall ability to have great endurance for rock climbing. After coming home from what can only be described as steroids California this year i decided its time to get myself into actual impressive looking shape. You can follow this link to see my progress since joining VBB a few years back.




I don't have my before picture online anymore that shows me at 275lbs. The link will take you to when i decided to start exercising in general.




I tend to have a really boring workout routine that breaks down to a 3 times a week workout routine, that im semi good at keeping on track for a month then fall off

3 chest exercises vs 3 back exercises, 8-12reps x 3 set.


2 bicep exercise, 2 triceps exercises, 2 shoulder exorcizes, 8-12 reps x 3 reps


2 front leg exercises, 2 back leg exercises calves, 8-12 reps x 3 sets (i tend to slough on leg days the most and do cardio or something else like not go to the gym.)


I need help setting up an exercise regiment that will allow me to rock climb 1-2 times a week and workout 3 days a week.



problem areas:


I do many push types of exercise instead of a good combo of pull exercises.

I tend to give up on an exercise a few reps before fail.

When i am working out with weights i tend to avoid cardio all together.

When i am working out with cardio i tend to avoid weights all together.

When i work out i tend to eat much much more without doing cardio and so i gain muscle well and fat really well.


Strength im able to move (12x3):


bench presses: 35-40lb each hand

dumbbell fly's: 20-25lbs each hand

lat pull downs:70-85lbs

one arm rows:35-45lbs

triceps moves:10-15 lbs

biceps: 40-55lbs

legs front : 90-110lbs

legs back: 55-85lbs

single calve raises: 25-35lbs

Occasional Situps/ V-ups


Do you think anyone could help me devise a muscle building workout plan?


My current shape status is that i am:

6 feet tall


fat percentage is medium/high currently

I can do exact measurements and photos if it will help as well.

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Have you read the articles from the "Training" page? http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=training


Also, I have found a lot of useful stuff on bodybuilding.com:


Exercises: This lets you choose the area you want to work out and give you videos, pictures, word descriptions and has user feedback on how to do the exercise correctly. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/


Workouts: This has several different workouts on this page, or you can choose your gender, age and goal and it give you a few peoples' generic workouts and "nutrition" (not vegan). http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/workout.htm

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