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Please help me get started

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Let's have a look at the spilt you've been following & weight/sets/rep ranges


I didn't do that every day thing with a split that I was talking about in the end because it didn't really work. I just naturally fell into a rhythm of going every other day (or close to) and doing a full body workout.... seeded to work because I recover so insanely quickly.


I usually do in this order (with current reps and weights ):


bench 20kg x10 (warm up - just bar)

bench 40kg x8

bench 35kg x10

bench 35kg x8


Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 10kg assistance x8

Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 15kg assistance x10

Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 15kg assistance x10


Squats 35kg slow deep controlled squats (I can do 80kg like everyone else in the gym with bad form) x10 x2 sets but I skip squats if I'm training the next day running or cycling, which has meant I've skipped them a lot


Reverse fly machine can't remember weight (it's the 3rd plate down, 19 or something) x10 x2 sets


Butterfly machine 45kg x10 x2 sets


Seated row machine - (can't remember weight, it's about 1/3rd of the stack) x10 x2


Dorsal raise station hugging 10kg plate x10 x3 (I seem to be much stronger at this than even much more advanced guys....?)


Ab crunches (not full sit ups) with 10kg plate behind head x25

Ab crunches (not full sit ups) with 10kg plate behind head x20


More recently, planks around 45 seconds left middle right x2 sets each





That's about it. I suppose I should do deadlifts, which I sometimes do but I really hate them and always scrape my shins, once ending my workout because I was bleeding everywhere.


EDIT: I also don't do OH press because my lower back feels very uncomfortable in that position with my large lumbar curve and I feel twinges and don't want to mess my back up, so sort of scared of that one!!!

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Simply to improve your posture do the prone cobra at the end of every session. One of the most underrated exercises for loud lifestyle. Work up to 3min of total hold, but make sure you're doing right.



I'm also a huge convert to bodyweight training (although I built my frame using traditional bodybuilding). You don't need a gym, but you do need to train hard with progressive resistance for a long time. I still go back to traditional lifts on occasion and haven't lost a step. Did a bench press first time in months last week and maxed out at 350lb for 4 reps. No crazy structured chest day(s) anymore, just crazy one hand pushups and handstand pushups whenever I feel like it. Also still at 195lbs with 8%BF. Just saying gyms are highly overrated!

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I do 10kg weighted dorsal raises... maybe that is the same thing? I'll try the cobra stuff too just to see - I've done them before but forgot about them.


I think there a lot of people who built their bodies in the gym and then maintain in the park, but I've yet to hear of anyone who has successfully got big just from body weight, not taking steroids or doing secret bench press.....

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Don't despair if you have an ectomorphic body.


One of the things that many people find so difficult is reducing body fat in order to let their muscles show.

This is not something that you will generally have to worry about. That's the hardest part in bodybuilding!


So, my advice to you is - Diet is very important when it comes to developing your physique. This is very true for an ectomorph, and people with this body type must adjust their diet in order to experience weight gain.

Try to eating the Right Mix of Foods to Gain Muscle.

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