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My vegan story


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hey soooo here it is..

my vegan story

ok so from about 12-16yrs old I was living mainly vegan if you could call it that, it was extremely unhealthy as i only ate a small bowl of Brussels sprouts once a day with some sweet chilli sauce on it, occasionally i would eat a bowl of porridge but that soon got thrown up... yea i was a tad sick. And i would exercise for well over 4 hours a day, then one day a week i would binge on biscuits chips or whatever then again throw it up.

yea I wasn't healthy at all!

and I wasn't much of a vegan or vegetarian even though i never ate meat i can never see it anything other then what it was

self destructive.

but see that silly little girl only gave up meat to cut out some fat it was all for weightloss!!!

and that I believe is a ridiculous thing to aim for and there are more to me then what the scales tell me.

now I am a vegan for the right reasons such as;

-not to be responsible for an innocent creatures death

-giving my body exactly what it wants and needs (yea it dose not want garbage.... surprisingly enough)

-to give my life a little bit of purpose

It has been a hard journey getting to this point as i had 3 years in between where I have eaten meat, dairy and other products from animals that I will be eternally sorry for. And I wont stop trying to make what I have done right.

I hope I can one day make the most out of my lifestyle to help less fortunate animals...

My journey starts here and my journey will continue until my heart stops beating.




soo thanks for reading if you get through all that haha!

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welcome. let me or anyone else know if you need any pointers. you will definitely be able to manage your weight and live a kind life on a clean healthy vegan diet. you can learn ways to do consistent, shorter, and effective workouts and youll build muscle tone which will increase your metabolism. and i can definitely relate to your struggle with binge eating. but i was never able to make myself throw up. i probably would have if the finger thing worked. but now i eat 6 times a day and lift and im losing every week and keeping muscle.

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Hey Sarah,

I know how it is, I used to not only be a terrible eater (McDonalds and steaks) I was a shitty person. Becoming a real Vegan changed not just my health but everything about my life. I am glad your doing it for the right reasons now and the fact that you have identified that is a huge step. All I can say is don't get caught up regretting the past or being anxious about the future. One of the best thing about being vegan is you no longer have the guilt of animals suffering and the destruction of the earth weighing down on your body and mind. Have a ton of fun, everyday. Be healthy and exercise!



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