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Another vegan newby


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Hi guys and girls,


I'm Dominic, and have only recently become Vegan in the past couple weeks, and had been flirting a bit with a vegan lifestyle in past few months as I built up my knowledge and learn't more about the Vegan lifestyle. I was attracted to the lifestyle and the benifits that follows while being a vegan which just make sense after I researched more into Veganism.


Right now as it stands regarding my goals, I want to first lose weight, currently sitting at 108kg 5'10 (not great at all I know) but after I focus on losing the weight I want to get more into bodybuilding. Not sure if its ok that I'm here to post about my weightloss, rather then bodybuilding even though thats where I eventually want to get to, but this forum seemed best for info/recipes in a Vegan community.


Anyway hope you guys and girls allow me to post up here!


PS. even orded Vegan bodybuilding and Fitness which I'm impatiently waiting on to arrive haha

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Hello. Welcome.

Yup, weight loss is part of the 'whole' picture of bodybuilding so you are in good company. I don't consider myself a bodybuilder either really.. I just like being strong, healthy, and lifting weights. Hope you find the resources you need here.

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Hi Dominic,


Thank you so much for joining our forum and for ordering my book. I sincerely appreciate it!


All the best with your health and fitness goals. Feel free to create a training journal here on the forum. I know it really helps me stay accountable.


Keep after it!



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