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vegan breads/cereals/snacks

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I am looking for commerical breads that are vegan...and please don't say such and such brand insert potato bread. I want whole grain/whole wheat bread that is vegan. Does anybody know any widely produced breads that can be found outside of trader joe's or whole foods that is vegan? I'd like to know what's vegan at WF and TJ's as well, but I happen to live 2 hours from these places and only go to that city once a month. I can't just run out and buy some right now . Thus I am looking for bread that is produced on a more widespread basis that I can find at a regular grocery store.


Haven't been a vegan for awhile but am going back to it-- Used to know a lot of ingredients to look out for in snacks and breads that indicate animal products but haven't checked into it for awhile cause I haven't been a vegan for a long time so I don't remember. If anybody cares to enlighten me on many of the common ingredients that indicate animal anything, I would appreciate some type of list.


I realize there are probably some websites that tell these things so some links might be pertinent if anybody knows any that contains this type of info.


I do have one specific questions though: I am addicted to Special K protein plus cereal. Love the taste and the fact it has 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein per serving. Anybody know if this is vegan? Also looking for granola bars that are vegan (not Lara bars--I can't stand them because the main ingredient in each flavor is figs and no matter the flavor they always taste like mostly figs. I am not against figs but if something is marketed as a particular flavor, it should not mostly just taste like figs. They are okay every once in awhile, but meh)


Thanks in advance!!!

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I don't buy bread often, but I like Ezekiel breads. My local Safeway carries it in the freezer aisle.


I'm a bit surprised you think Lara bars taste like figs - all the flavors I have tried don't even contain figs (do you mean dates?). Have you tried Luna bars? They don't have figs or dates.


I don't buy Special K. I did a quick Google search and found this re: the Protein Plus cereal. You might want to verify the info yourself since that thread is from 2009.

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