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Vitality’s Journey Journal

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Hiya all, thanks for stopping by my journal!

Focusing mainly on dropping my bodyfat%/weight, goal is to get around the 80kg mark then get more into bodybuilding and lifting.


Current Stats

Height: 5’10

Weight: 110kg



25/4 - Wednesday

60mins of cardio (treadmill) 6km

Green juice for breakfast

Lentil soup + fruit for Lunch

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Pretty darn cold morning here in Australia, Melb, but went and did a 1hr bike outside. Happy with myself that I did it went through with it.


Been thinking lately about Veganism in general VS Raw Veganism, I hear about the greater benifits from being a Raw Vegan, however for now I'm just going to try stay Vegan as is, and when I get better with it all switch to Raw Veganism.

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