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New workout, could you critique please?

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Well I was hunting around different websites, books and builtlift.com which was suggested to me and I've come out with something I hope will work. I'm not training to get HUGE but I hope some muscle will come, I'm more training to be fit with muscle.


Here's my current program for the next few months/weeks. It's done M/T/T/F rotating the days.



3 Mile Jog

2 sets of 10 for the following


Pullups (These are done in a superset to save time on a sought after bit of kit)

Squats (Front until I get a pad, neck issues)

Hammer Curls

1 set of 20 for the following

Knee lifts (hanging)




3 Mile Jog

2 sets of 10 for the following

Bent Row

Barbell Press (chest)


Barbell Curls (replaced with 21's at the end of the week)

1 set of 20 for the following

Knee lifts (hanging)



You may add why I am adding extra arm stuff in there.. Well my arm strength has been my biggest downfall, so I added a little extra in there to help.

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You hitting a lot of the same muscle groups on consecutive days... might want to build in some more rest by grouping the exercises.


For example, maybe do dips and barbell press on the same day.

Also, pull-ups and bent over rows are going to recruit your bicep muscles as well, so you might want to do them on the same day as hammer and barbell curls.

If you're aiming to be fit (I'm reading that as meaning well conditioned) versus huge, maybe bump it up to 3 sets, and work in the 10-12 rep range.


I find that squats and deadlifts take a lot out of me, so I like to give them their own day...


You may want to include something that puts the focus on your shoulders. A compound movement like push-press is always good.


Of course, this is all just based on my personal experience... give your routine a chance and see how your body reacts to it, then make adjustments as needed.


Good luck!

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If you're training 4 days give each day a main lift...eg





Fri:bench press


Though usually you would be working rather heavily on these you can still opt for a lighter weight & bang out reps. Then add in your assistance, also I agree that push/pulling keeps a balance, as opposite to just pushing (chest) & pulling (back).


Example, paring deads with front squats, dumbell rows with bench press, pull ups with ohp & squats with good mornings.

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Thanks, I was kinda going for training the muscle groups more than once a week. I'll reorganise things and see what happens.


However, if I'm not able to deadlift more than once a week what should I replace it with for the push/pull on squats?

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Right sooo, it may look something like this?


(Consider 3 sets of 10-12)



Squats - Good Mornings

Dips - Skullcrushers (sometime tricepish)


Tuesday: OHP - Pullups

(mix things up)

Mountain Climbers

Standing Bicycle Curls


Thursday: Deadlift - Squats

Lat Raises - Lat Pullsdowns



Bench Press - Rows




Just mixing things up. If I haven't grasped the principle please say

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Don't like upper/lower in one session. If you were only training two days a week then fine, but as its 4 days keep it to that area.


Monday: option1: squats/good mornings/reverse hypers. Option2: squats/leg press/Hamstrig curls/hypers 


Tuesday: Option1: OHP/pull ups/dips. option2: OHP/dumbell press or rear & side raises/tricep work


Thursday : option1: Deadlift/front squats or lighter squats/hanging leg raises. Option2: Deadlift/ good mornings/hanging of raises


Friday: option1: barbell flat bench/dumbell incline/dumbell rows. Option2: barbell flat bench/push ups/barbell rows.


Focus on the main lift then, if that floats your boat super set the assistance, or just make your way through the workout. 5x5 on the compounds will suit, you hit the 5x5, next session increase the weight but only small increments.


As for the assistance, 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps. It really doesn't matter, just build some muscle. Keep the intensity up if you want. Ab work add in upper/lower ab work on the respective days, your core will take a beating anyway with all the compounds.


On bench press day I'd still say add in some pull/chin ups. Various grips are great. So one the main pull up day wit OHP go wide/hammer grips, on bench day do chin (bicep work also in there.


Hope this helps 

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Just think "what's gonna give me more bang for my buck"


When I see people using endless cables for say triceps, it drive me mad. Give me dips/close grip benching everyday of the week, i can get more work done in 1 set than their 5 sets of 15 pissy isolation. Don't replace any barbell work with dumbbells, if people advise this just assume they know nothing (unless an injury means dumbbells suit)

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Also forgot. There is no direct arm work in there (I know you'll be working the arms anyway).


Just wondering for someone who hasn't got strong arms should I be adding in one bicep specific lift or let my arms catch up during the other lifts?

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There's plenty of shoulder/tricep work (I puts it in dips/tricep work), biceps meh....if

You want do curls. I'd rather do pull/chin ups & dumbbell/barbell rows.


Shoulders with the military pressing, pull/chins & dips. Also the option for raises. More than enough arm

Work if you train OHP/bench right shoulders/tricep & upper back (traps) take a beating.

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