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Please visit the website of www.seashepherd.org. Sea Shepherd Conservation society is the most agressive, active and effective defender of marine wildlife in the world today, even mor so than Greenpeace.


MY shameful government pretty much has tried to sell us the same kind of bull with respect to the mass slaughter of Canandian harp seals off the eastern coast of Canada. According to the Canadian Government, the massive seal slaughter is justified because the seals are eating too much cod and ruining the ecosystem. How stupid do governments think the general public is? After decades of mismanagement and the resulting collapse of the East Coast cod fishing industry, the Canadian DFO has blamed the harp seals for the demise of cod. They have declared war on seals in the hopes that massive seal kills will bring back the cod and keep their fishermen working (as sealers). IN fact, cod is NOT a major food source of the harp and hood seal diet. According to the world's leading authoirty on harp seals, Dr. David Lavigne, harp seals only utilize young cod for 3% of their diet. More importantly, the remaining 97% of fish that the seals eat are actually predators on young cod. Remove the harp seal, and the return of cod could be hindered- not helped - by a significant increase in predatory fish eating cod.


But the governments think we are all too stupid to learn this.


here are the facts on the largest mass slaughter of marine wildlife - i.e. the yearly Canadian seal hunt:


The slaughter of seals is incredibly cruel - a post mortem survey has shown that 42% of these babies are skinned alive and left to die an agonizing death while their helpless mothers look on in horror.


It is a threat to the survival of the species.


It is a threat to the survival of cod.


It is a slaughter done mainly for unessential, vanity and luxury items and thus, unnecessary.


It is immoral to kill animals in front of their horrified mothers.


It is unethical to slaughter newborn seal pups (about 95% of the seals to be slaughtered are babies less than four weeks old).




1. SIGN THE INTERNATIONAL ONLINE PETITION demanding that Canadian government stop this slaughter. Available at www.seashepherd.org or call 1-360-370-5650 to request a copy or contact the sea shepherd's via email at [email protected].



2. Boycott Canadian Seafood. As veggies, we all don't eat seafood anyway, but please ask your non-veggie spouses, families and friends to boycott CANADIAN seafood. Why? Because sealing is done by Canadian fishermen in the off season. The "Boycott Canadian seafood campaign" is meant to show the Canadian government that until these fishermen stop sealing (which contributes to less than 3% or so of their income) the world will not buy Canadian seafood. Since the only thing the fishing industry and the gov cares about is money, it is meant to hit them where it hurts.


FOr all non-veggies, when shopping for fish ask your grocery store manager if the fish is Canadian and explain why you will not buy Canadian seafood. Ask grocery stores to boycott Canadian as well. Same with restaurants when you are out to eat. Managers know where their fish comes from.


3. Email the Canadian prime minister and fisheries minister.


Canadian Prime Minister:


The Right Honourable Paul Martin

[email protected]fax 613-941-6900.


Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The Honourable Mr. Geoff Regan

[email protected] and [email protected]fax 613-996-6988 telephone 613-996-3085



Write and email also the Canadian embassador to the United States. Don't have the info for that one but any internet savy person can get that info. if anybody does, please post a post in this thread with that info.


Focus on economic grounds instead of ethical ones. Politicians are generally not swayed by moral arguments. Tell them that you have been informed of the truth by animal and environmental protection groups like Sea Shephred Conservation Society, Greenpeace, International Fund for Animal Welfare, etc. and tell them that you will not buy any Canadian seafood until the seal hunt is permanently banned. Tell them that you will ask your friends, coworkers and family to do the same and threaten to write letters to editors in your local newspapers to reach thousands more people.



Write letters to the editor asking folks in your community to join the boycott of Canadian seafood to help baby seals from being skinned alive. Expose the cruelty of the Canadian government and Canadian fishing industry. Speak about it on your cell phone in a grocery store line up, even if there is really nobody on the other end of the line. The people around you won't know.



Just a final note on Greenpeace. Greenpeace has in the past failed to take active and direct action to help Canadian baby harp seals. perhaps we can all contact Greenpeace and ask them to get more involved and make the ending of this mass blood bath a priority as well.



Thanks to all of you who will take the time to contact the Canadian authorities demanding an end to the seal slaughter. The babies need us - they cannot speak for themselves. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS POST ON ANY OTHER FORUM AND EMAIL THE ONLINE PETITION INFO TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, INCLUDING NON-VEGGIES (ESPECIALLY TO NON-VEGGIES, SINCE THEY HAVE THE POWER TO REDUCE CANADIAN FISH SALES) AND ASK THEM TO AT LEAST SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION. IT TAKES ONLY THREE SECONDS TO HELP SAVE BABIES. Again, the online petition is available at www.seashepherd.org.


Thanks for reading this And note also that the Japanese government is cruelly tricking and stabbing dolphins and Disney World is slicing the fins off of fully live and conscious sharks to serve shark fin soup so affluent people can impress their friends. For more info on these and other current campaigns and atrocities against the marine wildlife, visit www.seashepherd. org.

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Hi Koll and lelle,


Okay I see what you mean - not sure why the petition is not there. I have contacted sea shepherds and have asked them to provide me with the direct link to the online petition.


As soon as I get it, will post it here. Check back to this string next week, okay?


Did you guys read through the seal slughter info on that site - it is so heart wrenching with all the pictures of the clubbers and the video and shit. That video was actually taped by the sea shepherds themselves. Sea Shepherd is a very credible and honest organization, and Captain Watson is a true hero with great integrity.

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Yup I was getting daily emails on their voyage out there this year, and how they were beaten up. I dont like watching or looking at the horrors out there. I rather just write petitions and such.


Ill be here next week. Im here everyday! hehe. THanks a lot and I cant wait to sign!

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