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Did i mention...


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Hey friends.


I worked as a fitness trainer the past month to make some bucks and because i like that work.


Now i found a job as a doctor in a holistic clinic. It all went very quick, tomorrow i'll start. It's two hours drive from here, so i rent a room there to sleep and come home for the weekends. No more work as a trainer - and no more Daywalker during the week


The good part of the news is that i'm going to actually earn money so that i can probably make it to the VBB vacation in summer - if they let me go




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Congratulations Alex!


I know we'll miss you throughout the week, but obviously you will be doing some great work and we think that is great!


We hope to see you this summer but if you get "stuck" at work, I understand that too. That has happened to me many times.


Again, congratulations and have a great time!



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Thanks my friends


The first three days were very busy, but also AWESOME!


This is the PERFECT clinic for me!

The patients get a natural vegetarian diet


The treatments are very holistic, anthroposophic, spiritual, ... it's great!

My colleagues are all very nice and helpful.

I feel i fit into that place, i can contribute my skills and learn a lot about alternative medicine.


Only bad news is that i probably won't be able to get holidays the first 6 months at least

I'll cautiously ask for holidays, but later, maybe in may...

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That is GREAT Alex! I'm really happy for you!


Yeah, be very careful about asking for holidays, I wouldn't mention anything for a long time.


We'd love to have you out here in August but if you can't make it, we'll understand.


So far we only have a very small group committed to coming out, so I could "potentially" change the dates too. But I try to keep them set so others can make plans.


Again, I'm very happy it is a nice work setting for you.


Keep up the great work and have an awesome time!



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@Alex: Sorry I missed this! Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir! Where exactly is that clinic (if I ever become ill, I need to know!)? Maybe I know it? 2 hours really is too far to drive everyday! I have 1 hour now and from november 1,5 hours way to work. But I can work in the train. I really hope you keep enjoying the work! It sounds really great! Can you do your medical specialisation (Facharzt)there? What kinds of pharmaceutics do they use, if they do?

Be sure to get internet access during the week!


Well done!

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I miss Alex


But I know he's having a great time and doing a great thing with his job, but just miss him around here.


Hey buddy - I look forward to seeing you on here over the weekend if you get a chance. Your pre-contest training tips have been really helpful.


Guten Morgen!

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Thanks guys!


I miss the community also

But i'm sure you understand that when i get home only for the weekend, i still don't have that much time for the forum... and i get lots of emails to reply to.


Flanders, i can start my specialisation there, but not finish. The next two years or three i will stay there.

We use all kinds of pharmaceuticals, allopathics, homeopathics, phytochemicals. Not all is vegan, some are tested. Most doctors try to avoid allopathics and go for homeopathics. It's a holistic clinic, so the meds play only a minor role, most of the therapy is relaxation, art therapy (music, painting, gymnastics and many more), psychotherapy, physiotherapy, healthy diet and so on.




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Hey Daywalker!


This sounds like a terrific opportunity for you. It sounds like a great clinic. Congratulations! I know how great it feels to work toward a goal for many years and finally see things starting to come together. I am sure the patients and the staff will benefit from you knowledge.


Try not to get burnt out by being from home so much and post when you can

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