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New and highly enthusiastic.


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Hey everyone,


My name's Alexander although obviously most of my friends call me z0rzz.


Although I have lifted weights ever since Track in high school, I mainly just attempted to lift for looks and for more than 4 years did it incorrectly. As you can imagine, very little progress was ever made. It wasn't until last November that I really sat down and integrated myself into the bodybuilding community learning whatever I could and accepting any tutelage (my ex-roommate and good friend is an amateur performing bodybuilder and trained me extensively; I owe much of what I know now to him). However, like most bodybuilders he is an omnivore and trained me as an omnivore. Last February I went completely vegan due to personal moral reasons to the chagrin of many of my lifting friends, and most of my diet since then has simply been rearranged to fit vegan standards. Obviously I am still learning new things everyday and correcting unhealthy decisions, especially from this website.


Since I've only lifted seriously and knowledgeably for a year, I have much more progress to make. By next year I hope to train and compete in a Men's Physique division (my main passion is in perfect Men's Physique rather than traditional bodybuilding).


Here's a link to my old bodyspace - I no longer lurk the bodybuilding.com forums but the space is definitely convenient for progress and stats. http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/z0rzz/


Glad to meet all of you. : )


PS: Currently on my 4th week of cutting... Goodbye strength. : (

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I love the name of your intro too. Gotta love the enthusiasm.


The addition to Men's Physique has certainly changed the scope of competitions, training, goals and objectives for many.


All the best with your training, cutting, and contest preparation and of course, welcome to the team!



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Hi z0rzz! Welcome to the forum! I think it's awesome that you've decided to go vegan, if your friend/trainer doesn't. Haha! Seriously, you'll find tons of support here, along with lots of proof that you don't need animal products to be strong and healthy. Not that you didn't already know that, but it's nice to be able to point to specific photos and articles to show others. Anyhow, all the best to you!

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Hey! Sorry about no response for so long, I haven't stopped training or lifting but my buddy who I took pictures with was gone for the summer and I was pretty busy working, thus no time and help to take model photos/bodyfat percentages. Now that my semester's in full swing and my lifting partner is back, we've been making GREAT progress. Pics to follow soon.


My cut wasn't the best, but I'm happy I did it because I understand how my body both puts on and takes off fat so much better now - the knowledge I gained will be immensely useful next time I decide to cut. I only got a handful of non-serious photos of me at my lowest weight (around 192 lbs, roughly 5-6% bodyfat. I'm a heavy, heavy boned guy). I'll put those up with my next ones.


I started bulking again mid-August and am trying to do it as clean as possible - I've got goals to reach by the end of the year. Hoping to weigh a good and heavy 215lbs by the end of December! Right now I'm at 198-200 lbs, so so far so good! I started a new routine too (Y3T by Neil Hill - very intense 9 week program you can find on bodybuilding.com), and the stress of it has already paid off.


In terms of competing, I plan on doing a quick cut to get my feet wet at a novice Men's Physique show at the Arnold next year. I REALLY want to do an absolutely clean bulk after that into the summer and hopefully do an amateur show by the end of July/August.

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