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Newbie needs help ! Bloating and other issues

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I'm 5'7 140-145lbs

Trying to gain muscle and cut some of this fat.

I have a sprained knee at the moment. Sprained from doing a couple months of the Insanity workout.

I'm doing P90x workouts at home. Just doing upper body workouts till my knee heals completely.

Feeling like I have hit a plateau.

Typically I eat things like beans,quinoa,tofu,TVP,imitation meat products,fruits,hemp bread,oatmeal,buckwheat,veggies like spinach and kale are staples,seitan...etc u get the idea.etc.

I have a smoothie every morning with a variety of greens, fruit and VEGA protein powder.

I use the VEGA pre-work supplement, their Sport performance protein & muscle recovery drink.

I take liquid b12,vitamin d and a multi-vitamin.

I am having terrible bloating.

Like I said I have started lifting more in the last 3 weeks about 5 days a week.

No cardio due to a sprained knee.

In the last 3 weeks. I have upped my protein shakes (I use VEGA sport performance)

The last 3 weeks I have thrown on the weight which I sort of expected due to lifting

BUT all my clothes are super tight and I look bloated ALL the time.

I'm not sure if I am just consuming too much food or WHAT

In need of suggestions on how to step up my game !

Workout routines, nutrition or supplement advice would be appreciated.

I'm ready to see some more results already

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I have no experience so will only tell you what I've read.. which is that it is very hard to gain muscle and lose fat at same time. While gaining muscle (bulking) you will usually gain fat at same time. Then you have to be prepared to go into a 'cutting' phase... where you will lose fat (and some - but definitely not all) of the muscle you gained. Discipline is key.


It is recommended that you log your calorie intake and output and weight gain/loss so you are eating closer to your needs and not over or under eating depending on your bulking or cutting goals. This of course will be a bit of trial and error.. but if you don't track it, you will never really be sure of what you are doing.


From your description above, it sounds like you are overeating to me.. but only you will be able to determine if that is true. I would go with what your body is telling you .. ie. if you are feeling bloated and eating pretty much what you used to just more... then probably you need to cut out some calories.

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After reading what you eat on a typical day it looks like you're consuming a LOT of fiber. If you're eating a large amount of fiber rich foods in one meal, that will cause bloating. How big are your portions for each meal?

What I would recommend is trying to eat smaller portions, and spread out your meals. Also, make sure that when you are eating, you aren't eating things like fruit at the end of your meal. Imitation meat products can also cause bloating because they typically have a lot of salt in them, and are quite processed.

Another thing I would suggest is to drink more water, take a probiotic supplement if you aren't already, and try some stretching, especially after meals. Peppermint tea is also great for bloating, as well as ginger. I usually have peppermint tea or ginger with my supper to prevent bloating.

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