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What do you know about palm oil?

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I was looking into this myself, and I discovered it's high in saturated fats and destructive to habitats in the rainforest where they clear cut for this product. Coconut oil at the moment is probably better for you and I have found it easy to obtain organic sources.


Some sources:





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More companies are changing from traditional clear-cut palm oil souces to sustainable plantations these days due to the bad press being brought on the "wipe out as much land as we can and move on" farming practices. Unfortunately, you won't really know for sure until checking, but whereas some vegans still assume ALL palm oil is harvested in ways that further endanger wildlife, there's a growing movement to get away from those practices. Fortunately, more and more food companies are being aware of the need to source from sustainable plantations these days, but of course, those companies who are only concerned with cheap ingredients will likely keep using the bad stuff.

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