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Happy birthday Robert!


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In case you guys don't know, today is Robert's birthday....26, I do believe. Somewhere in that range anyway Happy birthday Robert!!! <---Juice for you, of course.



Thanks I didn't know you knew it was my birthday. But yes, today is indeed the day I was born 26 years ago. Thanks, I hope VegNews arrives today


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I think it is time for me to update my bio profile on the main page, I believe it says I'm 24



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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, that was nice of you.


I didn't anything different than I do any other day, except I went out to dinner with my mother at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant (the place VeggyMeggy and I first met).


Other than hanging otu wtih my mother and eating some of the vegan chocolate cake she made for me (I have some for you to Megan), I just worked, finished another magazine article that was due, and we played our first playoff game for our basketball team. We had a strong finish winning 4 of our last 5 games but we lost our playoff opener this weekend.


I will miss our next game on Monday because I'll be attending a 1st year anniversary for a Eugene Veg Education Network group I belong to. I figure it is much more important for me to join the group of vegans I meet with monthly than to play in a basketball game. And I think we'll win since we're in the loser's bracket now and then I'll be there for the next game.


Anyway, thanks again for the birthday wishes, I have some push-ups and sit-ups to do now.



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for sure dude, I'll still be in school during that month but I'll still be able to chill with you guys. I might even bring a friend that is trying out vegan life style for a month, she said that if I went to church for a month she would go vegan for that month, so it would be a great way to get her to expose her to vegan ways.


But yeah man, I'm there for sure.


how many have signed up so far?

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